Still having power/battery problems

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    Jun 8, 2010
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    My Droid Incredible is using power quickly. Some days it lasts all day, but some its out of juice by noon. I can't figure out what is using all of the power. The stock battery tool doesn't seem to give me a clear view what what is using the power.

    Are there other tools which tell you all of the apps/tasks/programs running and how much power its using?

    I download the ATK (Advanced Task Killer) and it lists lots of apps to kill. I don't know if this means they are currently running. Also, it doesn't show how much power they are using.

    BTW, My current Up Time = 19:10:11 and my Awake time = 4:22:31. My phone died yesterday afternoon (about 24 hours ago).

    So I do spend a lot of time using the internet. Surfing through the browser and using other apps like stock reports and facebook. I also use AIM.

    Thanks in advance.


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