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  1. lilbilly

    lilbilly New Member

    So I was very much anticipating the ICS update because I heard it would fix my GPS issues. I got the update Monday and hadn't thought much about it. Until yesterday, when I went to use my GPS Navigation with Google Maps.


    Every once in a while it drop me in some location close to where I was, but it constantly just says "GPS Searching".

    This is crazy frustrating. A top of the line phone and the GPS Nav is worthless.

    Anyone experience this problem even after the ICS update??? Anyone with a solution??

  2. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Well-Known Member

    This isn't a satisfactory solution but it can work when you absolutely need GPS functionality in a pinch (and assuming your GPS is not flat out broken); YMMV

    Turn on GPS first, as in, enable it however you accustomed to doing that - ignore that it is an endless "searching" loop.

    Restart your phone, either by doing a restart (as an ICS power option) or power off - wait - turn on the phone via the power button.

    GPS should be on (as remembered from the prior operating state) and lock fairly quickly. Again, not a great solution but it's one proven solution that can work. The hardware is quirky; it is what it is. If GPS truly is a regularly used function that you depend on - get Sprint/Samsung to swap the phone.

    Best of luck to you... :)
  3. Cavemansol

    Cavemansol Well-Known Member

    Thats so odd, since the update my GPS has FINALLY worked correctly.
  4. lilbilly

    lilbilly New Member

    Yes, this was what I was hoping for, a fix in GPS function. You can imagine my frustration after waiting patiently for ICS for months and then it didn't fix the issue.
  5. lilbilly

    lilbilly New Member

    I'll give this a try. Thanks.
  6. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear your troubles. The GPS functioning seems to be the only positive change in my phone. I'm getting bugs all over the place since ics, with the exception of GPS.
  7. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Well-Known Member

    I gave my GPS a thorough work-out today and figured it could be beneficial to report back, here. To preface, my experience with GB GPS performance prior to this ICS upgrade, the GPS receiver would sometimes never lock - requiring a reboot of the phone. Even then, the position in the car would impact keeping a solid satellite link, with the voice navigation OFTEN announcing the loss of the GPS link and the phone having to be placed back on the dashboard - in clear view of the sky. Even then, re-linking with the satellite signal could take several minutes.

    I'm happy to report, with only a small amount of consternation, that GPS performance has improved drastically with the ICS update. I still encountered a protracted amount of time to initially link up once on the road, but as soon as I used the power button/restart option the GPS locked almost immediately upon loading the home screen following the full reboot. Even more encouraging was that we had a solid connection/link for almost 4 hours of travel - with the phone being moved about the vehicle. My phone has never performed that well before. The power drain relative to GPS usage seems vastly improved as well. I started out at about 79% of battery reserves and four hours later, and after a moderate amount of web usage and a 10 minute call + GPS locked the entire time, I returned home at a level of 52%. I now consider this phone a viable alternative to a Tom Tom or Garmin.

    I'm pretty happy with ICS now that I've had a chance to test out my GPS.
    It might not be a flashy, whole new OS experience, but they improved stuff across the board and addressed things that were bothering me since purchasing the phone a year ago...

  8. Epicblaze

    Epicblaze Well-Known Member

    Still works like a charm.

    The change in the voice navigation sounds more pleasing too...

  9. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Well-Known Member

    My GPS experience with ICS is that it takes the phone a bit longer to lock on, but once it locks on, it doesn't let go. The GPS signal is solid, even if the phone signal is not. And the GPS no longer causes random re-boots. :D Also, the voice in Google Nav seems to fluctuate on me from the really robotic lady, to a really soft voiced lady. It sounds pretty crazy to say the least.
  10. concealer404

    concealer404 Member

    I guess i can be the first to report that GPS worked perfectly on Gingerbread for me....

    And now doesn't work at all on ICS.
  11. ragekillaz

    ragekillaz New Member

    I am having the same problem. Before updating, my GPS would lock instantly and stay locked. After upgrading it does not work at all. It will sometimes update and put me generally close to where i am but that's it. Have you fixed your problem yet?
  12. concealer404

    concealer404 Member

    Problem STILL not fixed.

    Sprint refuses to replace the phone.

    I have not ONCE successfully gotten GPS to even find a satellite, my battery life is still awful, the phone freezes constantly, and i have a less than 50% success rate of uploading files to the internet. (Picasa, etc)

    I've taken the phone to the Sprint store twice, no help. I just got off chat with Customer "Care" again, and all they offered was a one-time $10 credit to my account, and offered no help or input whatsoever on the actual issue.

    I have no idea what to do. I think i'm just about done with these guys. Switching to Sprint was pretty much the worst idea ever.
  13. jrowles91

    jrowles91 Member

    This is my situation also with my recent Bionic update to ICS
  14. biker128pedal

    biker128pedal Well-Known Member

    How does one turn on the GPS in ICS? I select Stand Alone GPS and get nothing.

    Now it is working. Don't know why but is just started working sense I updated to ICS. I selected and unselected Stand Alone GPS a few times. Just like doubletwist too about and hour to find the music on the card.

    Oops wrong thread. I have a Bionic

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