Still no hard cases?!

  1. Quazar

    Quazar Well-Known Member

    Cant seem to find any hard cases for the HTC Desire, anyone know where I can find one?

  2. colrey

    colrey Well-Known Member

    tell me about it, im pulling my hair out,i have searched everywhere, no luck,i just want the nexus one hybrid tough case,but people are telling me its only going to fit the nexus one, not the desire,all i want is a casemate case like the iphone, simple, i had this problem with my hero, im hoping the desire has lots more options, iv bought 2 cases allready, for the desire, i bought the nexus one tyre grip case, but the bottom covers up the buttons, and secondly just a gel skin case, cheap 4 pounds, but i have no problem paying for a case that im looking for, PLEASE anyone who has found anything half desent post it up on this forum, we need cases for our superb phone, and im sure we are all willing to pay to look after the best phone,
  3. stuk71

    stuk71 Member

    I'm guessing/hoping that we will see something pretty soon. But for now I have the Mofi Protector Pouch clicky It is very nice quality, was very surprised at that price too. It will serve the purpose untill a dedicated 'hard case' shows up...

    All I need now is The Desire to actually arrive ;)
  4. rhodzy

    rhodzy Well-Known Member

    Me too, even after checking ebay I can't believe they don't have any out already in China! They are usually on the ball with stuff like that.
  5. rhodzy

    rhodzy Well-Known Member

    Although just checked again and came across these ones:

    From the USA:
    Hard Case

    From the USA
    Rubber Case

    I'm going to get me one ordered now, will post back when it arrives.
  6. rhodzy

    rhodzy Well-Known Member

    Just ordered the hard case one from the USA.
    It cost me
  7. colrey

    colrey Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, i was going to buy the hard case, but i dont think it fits our desire, also not sure if its just a image mistake but the camera flash/lens is on the wrong side, what do you think?
  8. rhodzy

    rhodzy Well-Known Member

    Not sure - I have ordered the hard case one and will post photos etc when it arrives. Will also feedback about the fit etc! It's not that much money so if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit, will just be negative feedback for the guy as it states for the desire too.

    Usually when I have ordered things from the states to the UK I receive it within a week so hopefully this time next week I will be able to let you guys / girls know what it's like. :)
  9. XadinUK

    XadinUK Member

    I dont think those cases will fit at all.

    BUT I do not think you should give him bad feedback... unfortunatly HTC seem obsessed with calling each handset at least two names, for instance: HTC Hero aka Droid Eris aka Desire (D for droid then Eris backwards)

    This is because HTC created the Hero... then the network Verizon wanted a varient they called the Droid Eris... BUT HTC called the same unit (Droid Eris variant) the Desire.

    To recap this "Desire" phone is NOT the same as the recently released Desire it is just a variant of the HTC Hero. So the seller is correct in his selling info.

    Ugh its annoying so be careful... Just as an FYI the latest Desire is aka HTC Bravo

    If I were you I would contact the seller ASAP and try to explain the confusion and get your money back. Saving time and money.
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  10. sh500

    sh500 Member

    Yes, there are plenty of these Droid Eris cases around on ebay, also claiming to fit the 'Desire' but as others have said, the holes are totally different. Get your money back.
  11. rhodzy

    rhodzy Well-Known Member

    Hmm I see what you are saying. Still I am going to hold off and see what its like when it arrives. Its only 8 quid so ill just wait and see, I mean if it fits the case but the flash is covered up that wouldn't bother me, I just want some cheap and cheerful for the next few weeks until some official cases or some hard cases for the Desire/Bravo come out.

    I will feedback and let you know about the fit etc and what is not avaliable if/when the case is on my phone.

    Thanks for the advice @XadinUK for the Bravo name, I am hoping it will make searching for things a little more easier in future.
  12. chowhuskylass

    chowhuskylass Well-Known Member

    I ordered and eris desire hard case from USA and can confirm it does not fit it's 3mm to short in length and the camera led is not set in the same place and the holes all be it the same layout do not line up, I still gave the seller positive feedback as it was my error the case was cool looking though lol!
  13. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    I think we should be able to order a Nexus case as thats pretty cool.
  14. rhodzy

    rhodzy Well-Known Member

    Ah drats, well it's too late to cancel now as it has already been shipped.

    Me being me though will just keep ordering cases until I find one that I really like, I dont want a pouch though, would much prefer a solid hard case :)
  15. Roxolid

    Roxolid Well-Known Member

    the cases for the htc desire(droid eris,model number 6200) and the nexus 1 will not fit the htc desire (model number 8181). also watch out for screen protectors from germany claiming to fit the desire, they are for the droid eris (desire)

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