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  1. The_Superhoo

    The_Superhoo Well-Known Member

    Come on Big Red! I need an upgrade!

  2. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome VIP Member

    The bronze version of this phone looks like a Band-Aid.
  3. The_Superhoo

    The_Superhoo Well-Known Member

    Littering and....?

    What does this have to do with the topic?
  4. Firewill10

    Firewill10 Well-Known Member

    Verizon too focused on the new HTC one they just released yesterday. Probably won't see preorders
  5. The_Superhoo

    The_Superhoo Well-Known Member

    Verizon's website has a page saying preorders are coming soon...
  6. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Yep. I have been eagerly awaiting this phone since my renewal came up in late January. I noticed that Verizon had the preorder link on their main page BEFORE the new HTC One M8 was released. Now it's no longer on the main page so they can flaunt the new One, but it's still there if you look around for it.
  7. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    So we don't have any VZW insiders or tipsters that might have the slightest idea when pre-orders might begin?
  8. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Wow...It's kind of surprising to me that there's so little interest in finding out the pre-order or release date for Verizon. When the original Droid Incredible was about to be released 4 years ago, there were tons of updates about it in here.
  9. NibX

    NibX Member

    I'm anxious for the new phone but I'm not up for renewal until April 15 - 4 days after the release.

    But I'll be ordering one as soon as I can.
  10. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Some people in the VZW forum said that a VZW rep told them it would be available for preorder on April 1st. The one I spoke with last night at my local store said they had no idea when they would get it but the Samsung rep he spoke with made it sound like it would be within the next 3 weeks.
  11. saltyduck

    saltyduck Well-Known Member

    I'm REALLY frustrated that there's absolutely NO NEWS on this front. I am SO overdue for an upgrade - I have a Galaxy Nexus! This phone is ancient. Awesome...but ancient. It has served me well and continues to do so, but I am just so ready for a new phone. I was due for an upgrade in October, but wasn't that keen on anything available at the time and knew there had to be something in the works for the spring, so I figured I would hold out. Verizon has always been excellent about customer service and all that, yet they won't release a whisper about getting the phone. No pre-orders, no nothing. You'd think if they value their costumers as much as they say they do they'd say SOMETHING because now they do have a whole front of pissed off people.
  12. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    Damn this forum is dead compared to 2010. Wtf

    Anyway, I guess its me and 5 others waiting eagerly for an announcement! Can't wait!
  13. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it. When the HTC Droid Incredible was being released on Verizon about 4 years ago, this place was blowing up with posts. There were so many that I couldn't keep up. Now it seems like this is a ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling through, or maybe people just don't get as excited over new tech as they used to.
  14. TG1

    TG1 Well-Known Member

    Someone posted this over at Android Central:
  15. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, someone at the Verizon community forum posted a link to this yesterday too. Not sure if I believe it, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow right?
  16. photondev

    photondev Well-Known Member

    do you realize what day tomorrow is?

    let us hope we won't get fooled again :rolleyes:
  17. saltyduck

    saltyduck Well-Known Member

    That's what has me worried. They're saying April 1st....biggest joke day of the year....I am not inclined to believe anything on that day.
  18. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    If it is legit, wouldn't it be plastered all over Verizon's main page tomorrow? Shouldn't those that signed up for an email alert get the notice that preordering has begun?
  19. saltyduck

    saltyduck Well-Known Member

  20. Richman21

    Richman21 Well-Known Member

    I just tried searching for "s5" in Verizon's website and it took me to an order listing but when I hit the "shop" but it just takes me to the preorder sign up page. Has the website already been showing this? A couple of weeks ago when I tried that it took me to a sign up page directly. I didn't attach an image because I didn't have time.
  21. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    Great news!

    I went to the Verizon store yesterday to look at the note 3 and the Galaxy s4 and the salesman and the manager both told me that the s5 is going to be coming on April 11th.

    I didn't ask when the s5 was coming out I was just looking at the s4 and she said oh by the way the s5 is coming on the 11th and that I should wait for it instead of buying the s4

    she sacrificeda sale for it so I'm pretty sure its legit she said okay we'll see you on the 11th basically she is waiting for me to come and buy on the 11th.


    On another note, the verizon stores are hardcore salesy now. As I walked in the store there was a manager and about 5 salesman with tablets staring at me with saliva dripping from their mouths which was pretty uncomfortable. I thought I was on the dinner menu of sorts. They said how can I help you and i said "Im just looking at the note 3 and the s4" and they immediately assigned me to a salesman who was super aggressive.

    So beware if u go into a verizon store its like walking into a shark tank.
  22. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Maybe this is a good sign. Could it mean they are making changes to the website so the preorder can go live?
  23. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Someone on the Verizon community forum had a live chat with a rep earlier THIS MORNING and that rep said they still have no idea when they are getting the S5.
  24. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    online reps are a lot different with less information.

    if you want inside information you have to go in the store and talk to a manager who has details on inventory etc.

    even if a live rep knows, they wont tell u
  25. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else feel like customers from other carriers will have these in their hands before Verizon starts taking orders for them? There is a growing amount of frustration in Verizon's community forum and the lastest post from a Verizon representative is "The next big thing is almost here" with a link to sign up for email updates about the preorder.

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