Stock 1.6 (Donut) theme for x10

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  1. rep1icant

    rep1icant Member

    I'm really not a fan on the sony ericsson interface... i don't like the blue menu you have to pull up. Is it possible to get possibly a white status bar like the default one and a standard android menu?:confused: (translation= can we rid the sony interface?):confused:

  2. RichieHD

    RichieHD Well-Known Member

    Closest thing to 100% stock would be to download ADW.Launcher. Then, to get rid of the blue bar up top you would have to root it to change that color. I do not know anything about the X10 though, so you're best bet is to find out the rooting info from XDA or here on AF.
  3. rep1icant

    rep1icant Member

    im a fan of adw launcher but i quite like the 1.6 interface... :(

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