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  1. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Well-Known Member

    Using the stock HTC text app. In the text conversations, the phone number of the person sending me a text is at the top of every message balloon. IMO, this is annoying. Is there any way to stop this? Strangely enough, this only happens when I am the one starting the text thread. Please don't suggest another texting app...I've tried other texting apps and I like the stock one the best.

  2. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Well-Known Member

    OK, I think I figured it out. The phone number appears if your contact has more than one phone number. :mad:
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  3. omiller315

    omiller315 Well-Known Member

    Good catch. I noticed it but never noticed it was with some and not all text threads. You would think it would know the difference between home and mobile and not count it as a 2nd # in the text app. Thanks for pointing it out, so it can annoy me now:)
  4. Cactus73

    Cactus73 Well-Known Member

    I agree. I am deleting all home numbers from the people that I text the most....I never call anybody at home anyway.
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  5. Ramzes13

    Ramzes13 Well-Known Member

    I think issue is is part of the fix HTC put in place to appease the Apple lawsuit.
    Previous HTC handsets displayed a name instead of a phone number link even if the other party had multiple numbers. I still have my og EVO and my 3d and my old text msgs have this.

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  6. skep

    skep Well-Known Member

    so this is my first time owning an HTC phone. when i go to type in a name for a text for example... it shows up the same phone number multiple times. is there a way to prevent this?

    it shows in these formats
    954xxxxxxx (history)
    1954xxxxxxx (history)
    954-xxx-xxxx (Mobile)

    how to i get it to stop showing the different formats in history when they are already in my contacts??? shouldnt the phone recognize this all as the same person/number? ive had many other android phones (mostly motorola) and ive never seen this before. thanks
  7. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    All these numbers are for the same contact and the phone does realize this. If you see the number in different formats for the same contact in 'call history' they both lead back to the same contact (long press the differently displayed numbers and press 'view contact'). Hopefully that doesn't sound too confusing.
    The system is a little bit redundant, but it does not bother me.

    I found a few options that may help you out. :)

    Settings -> Call -> Automatic prepend
    By default the phone adds a one in front of calls placed to people with a different area code. Uncheck this box and you should not have calls placed with a one in front of their number anymore.

    Messages -> On screen Menu button -> Settings -> General -> Recipient list settings
    Uncheck all three of these settings and the search list generated when you go to compose a message will only show info from your address book, and not your call history.
  8. skep

    skep Well-Known Member

    wow that did it thanks!! what a relief. i know it sounds like something stupid but when u go to type in a name and it comes up 3x for EACH person, good lord its annoying. ok now i can like this phone a little bit more than i did before.
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  9. Amen! Had the same issue!

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