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Stock Apps/Services that are safe to remove to speed up android

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  1. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    This thread is for speeding up android and improving battery life for Behold 2.I learned back in my days of ignorance(iphone days,lol) that by removing certain startup apps,services,and languages you can make the phone faster,and have better battery life,you can do same thing on android.Less services=more RAM,more CPU power,faster os,better battery.


    Things you will need:
    Root and Root Explorer app or ADB,there is probably other apps you can use also.

    With your Root Explorer or Astro navigate to /system/app folder,cut and paste any service or app that you don't need to a backup folder on sdcard.That way if you removed something that you might need later you can always put it back (NOTE:when you put back apps that you removed don't forget to set permissions,that's the reason i recommend using Root Explorer because other file managers to my knowledge wont let you set permissions on files).

    I have removed the following apps on BHMAN's 1.6 Warheads rom with no side effects,and this is my current configuration:

    Green:Safe to remove without loss of functionality.
    Blue:Stock apps that can be replaced with apps from the market.
    Red:Remove if you don't need that functionality.

    1 AlarmClock.apk (Simply delete and replace with better alarm from the market)
    2 AxT9IME.apk
    3 axt9imetutorial.apk
    4 BluetoothPrint.apk
    5 bootsetting.apk
    6 BrcmBluetoothServices.apk (Remove if you dont use bluetooth)
    7 CameraFirmware.apk (useless)
    8 CurrentDataState.apk
    9 DataCopy.apk
    11 FactoryTest.apk
    12 FileCopy.apk
    13 FileCount.apk

    14 GlobalSearch.apk (Search apps,docs,etc...Cube search button still works for searching Google)
    15 IM.apk (Instant messenger)
    16 InputEventApp.apk
    17 lcdtest.apk

    18 Maps.apk
    19 MmsPreview.apk (Needed for MMS,remove if you don't use MMS only SMS)
    20 MusicPlayer.apk
    21 MusicService.apk

    22 MyFiles.apk
    23 PhoneErrService.apk

    24 PostCard.apk

    25 SamsungEmail.apk

    26 SelfHelp.apk

    27 serviceModeApp.apk

    28 shutdown.apk

    29 SoundRecorder.apk

    30 Swype-Tips_Android.apk
    31 TouchWizBrowser.apk
    (Needed for Skyfire Browser to work,Dolphin Browser works without it,oddly)
    32 TwMms.apk (Remove if you don't use MMS only SMS)
    33 UserDictionaryProvider.apk
    34 VideoPlayer.apk

    35 VoiceDialer.apk
    36 VoiceSearch.apk
    37 VpnServices.apk (Virtual Private Networks)

    38 VVM_Android_1_1_1.apk (Visual VoiceMail)
    39 WizBTsettings.apk
    40 Wlan.apk

    41 WlanTest.apk
    42 wssyncmldm.apk (Device Manager (used by tmo to push updates to this phone as well as trouble shoot your devices,useless) (Thanx to Behold_This for info)
    43 wssyncmlnps.apk

    If anyone knows what else can be removed to speed up/liten andoid,and what some of these services needed for,feel free to contribute.

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  2. Ohgami

    Ohgami Well-Known Member

    Think I'll add this to the Roms List.
  3. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    you clearly haven't look at DDMS with those app's removed... VPN, guess you don't use Virtual Private Networks lol...

    Some of that stuff you removed is used by the system for managing services, but hey what do I know... :D

    Wouldn't recommend a Factory rest either after that.
  4. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    The first thing i do is factory reset after removing services(to clear cache),and i haven't ran across any problems yet.Though the battery seems better and phone runs faster.Removing some services like VpnServices and BluetoothPrint.apk is personal pref because i never use them.But other services such as CameraFirmware.apk,InputEventApp.apk,lcdtest.apk,selffHelp.apk and WizBTsettings.apk(bloatware) are completely useless,just to name a few.

    Maybe you can help us with some of these services and let us know what they are needed for.Are you saying that all these services are needed?My philosophy is,less services=less cpu usage,more ram,lighter system,better battery,though i could be wrong.Your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    Here is a little less extreme list:

    tn55-android-Houdini-signed.apk = telenav (why pay for navigation when google maps is free)
    VoiceSearch.apk = google voice search (since it fc's no need to keep the app)
    WheresWaldoSigned.apk = Where's Waldo Demo (add on demo game)
    com.wssyncmldm.apk = Device Manager (used by tmo to push updates to this phone as well as trouble shoot your devices not really needed but its a judgement call if you want to remove it)
    MyFaves.apk = My Faves (my faves services no longer available unless you already have it)
    MBO2_DEMO_Samsung_T939_EN_NONIGP_TMobile_TS_103.apk = Midnight Bowling 2 Demo (another add on demo game)
    amazonmp3_1.4+4_houdini_signed.apk = Amazon mp3 Store
    DinerDash.apk = Diner Dash Demo (yet another add on demo game...thanks samsung)
    Evernote_samsung_1.2.70038.apk = Evernote app
    HotSpotApp.apk = Hot Spot app (hot spot service is no longer available unless you already have it so no use for this)
    IM.apk = instant messaging app (personal choice if you use it or not)
    Talk.apk = google talk (personal choice if you use it or not)

    rm /system/app/(name of app)

    BH_MAN or anyone else that knows, should the dalvik-cache be removed after removing these apps? I'm not sure on that.
  6. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    Most services you listed are obvious,im more interested in things like:CurrentDataState.apk,DataCopy.apk,FileCopy.apk,FileCount.apk while they sound important the phone copies files.etc fine without them,also does anyone know where or how android stores the language files?

    Oh,one thing i found out,opening CameraFirmware.apk with Anycut will let you update camera firmware.The process takes about 2 minutes,after that the app is useless.
  7. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    No offense but that came off really dickish! The list is not for you and you aren't the only one on the forum! Thanx have a great day!
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  8. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    the camera firmware tip worked but when I opened the camera app it said it was the wrong firmware and that it needed updated???
  9. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

  10. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    I dint mean any disrespect,any help is appreciated,your post was helpful especially with wssyncmldm.apk
  11. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Yeah some of those is fine to remove... I'll try & get a Full summary posted tonight of what each of those app's do & what there needed for.

    Sorry, didn't mean to come off wrong when I posted that... Had a very long day..
  12. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

  13. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    Yes, I recommend Removing Dalvik-cache via
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  14. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    i don't use a2sd so there is already no data in /system/sd/dalvik-cache, i'm running stock 1.6 with all apps installing to the internal memory, so would one of these work for clearing the cache after removing stock apps?

    adb shell
    rm /data/dalvik-cache


    adb shell
    wipe data
    cd /data/dalvick-cache
    rm -r *

    either one or both right? i thought i could just do the first one, but obviously i don't really know. thanx!
  15. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    BHMAN it would be cool if you could make a "Bare bones" rom with everything removed like services,languges and stock apps,so we can mod our rom the way we want.

    I have tryed makin my own rom(sys dump),i made one successfuly,but making second one-it would not boot (probably removed something needed after flash).Because some of them services are needed on first boot after flashing,so while system restore does no harm,but flashing a rom is a different story.
  16. blackerwater

    blackerwater Well-Known Member

    im intrested in a bare bones rom as well :)
  17. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    NOTE:Do not update camera firmware!While it worked on my phone it appears to give camera error on other phones,so do this at your own risk!
  18. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Well-Known Member

    It will be a few Day's before I can get to that... But I'll make a BareBone if that's what everyone is wanting.
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  19. paul89

    paul89 Well-Known Member

    nice I like that you have been upgraded to Guide lol!
  20. jdmfa5

    jdmfa5 Well-Known Member

    Is it safe to remove twsettings.apk? I'd rather just stick with the Android settings.
  21. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    Its safe,but turn off vibrate(if you dont want it) in twsettings before you remove it,because using dialer will still vibrate,i keep it because of that and few other extra settings that only twsetting have such as search prefs,but yea its safe to remove.

    When I have time I will update the list because I removed more services (44 total) without sideffects.
  22. jdmfa5

    jdmfa5 Well-Known Member

    What's the correct package name for twsettings.apk? When I try to pull the package via ADB it states no such files exist.
  23. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    Twsettings.apk I think,i removed mine also so im not sure.Just use Astro or Root Explorer(the best thing for modding files) and remove it /system/apps,i never use adb because using astro or root explorer is much easier.Only thing is,you cant set permissions with astro.
  24. jdmfa5

    jdmfa5 Well-Known Member

    Just removed twsettings.apk and found that you won't be able to use the shortcut buttons from the notification bar. When I press them the phone reboots. I tried rebooting the phone with the same results. So I would assume those buttons are part of twsettings. OH well, just though I'd share.
  25. lviv73

    lviv73 Well-Known Member

    Good catch,you are definitely right,i assume that you are using Warheads rom,because i have safely removed it from DOTS or Notwix with no side effects.I think the Home++ needs it.

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