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stock browser closing windows

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  1. bugdc

    bugdc Member This Topic's Starter

    May 25, 2010
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    Does anyone else find that when using the stock browser with multiple windows open, and then going off to do something else for a while, when you go back to the browser to pick up where you left off all of the windows have closed and it reloads just the last page you looked at? It didn't always do this - I think it started within the last couple of months, possibly when 2.2 was installed.

    I don't use a task killer, but is this an example of Android's memory managing function 'managing' my browser to lose its cache to save memory for other things? Is there any way of making it a higher priority so that I don't have to go trawling through my history to find the pages I previously had open every time?

    Thanks for any suggestions,


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