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  1. boster

    boster Active Member


    On the stock calendar (Moto Droid, 2.2) I can't find easy ways to navigate through the calendar. Two specific examples:

    - Can't find an easy way to go to a date, say 6 months from now.
    - When viewing a month, I try to drag my finger from right-to-left to move to the next month in the future, and nothing happens. This works in day view and week view, but not in month view.

    I am somewhat new to Android, so maybe I'm missing something. Am I? Is the answer right in front of me and I'm blind?


  2. boster

    boster Active Member

    In case anyone else is stumped by this...a friend of mine solved this for me.

    In Month View, to move from one month to another flick the screen up or down. (I was trying to flick left or right and got nowhere.)

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  3. bobbystl

    bobbystl New Member

    Flicking sideways and up-down doesn't do a thing for me in Month view. Works in the other views though.

    Re-post: Worked after I rebooted it. Sorry, don't know how to delete my post.

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