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  1. kamikaziechame

    kamikaziechame New Member

    Hey all I'm new here. I have an HTC sensation 4G and can't figure how to get facebook to integrate with the stock calender(I like the stock calender for now). Any thoughts? How do I help it do this. My brother has the mytouch 4G slider and it did it automatically.

  2. kamikaziechame

    kamikaziechame New Member

    Took long enough but I sorted it out. Solution I discovered today was:

    Go to manage apps, select friend stream, the check update calender. YES! The friend stream app that ships with the HTC Sense in my phone is the bridge between the calender app and facebook. Officially the calender app from HTC doesn't interface with facebook. This friend streamer brings it all together, and works with several other social networks. Think its first party though and only on HTC phones.

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