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  1. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to have the stock email app with combined accounts to refresh every 15 minutes like it did in GB? I only get emails pushed when I check manually right now.

  2. TexasBadger

    TexasBadger Well-Known Member

    You need to go into each individual email account and change your refresh settings there, account by account.
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  3. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    I can see that the setting is set to automatic(push) but it is not lit up as an option to change. How can I make that an option to change it?
  4. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I have changed nothing and now my accounts will not refresh at all even with a manual refresh....
  5. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Also make sure you have Automatic Sync turned on, go to Settings-Accounts&Sync and make sure the little toggle in the upper right-hand corner is set to ON (green to the right), tap the control to toggle.
  6. nerdstaz

    nerdstaz Well-Known Member

    My father is also having this issue. I messed with that phone for like an hour trying to figure it out.

    Green syncs are on. Set to automatic push every 15 minutes on accounts individually. It isn't just the stock app. GMail and K9 require manual retrieval too. I had him factory reset today -- same scenario. Any help would be appreciated. I would rather not have to root it and go back to Gingerbread. That seems counterproductive!
  7. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    I've also tried syncing, uninstalling reinstalling all email accounts and still nothing. The command in settings where it says Push(automatic) is not highlighted but is there and I cannot toggle it as an option. I did do a FDR after installing ICS.
  8. shanny871

    shanny871 Well-Known Member

    I took the paragraphs below from another Thread on this site, it has worked for me so far.

    "I think i may have found a solution accidentally this morning (it works for myself at least). What i did was to delete my AOL account off the phone and re-set-up using the 'manual set-up' button as opposed clicking 'Next' and letting the phone doing it's own thing on auto.

    As it happened the info in the Manual set-up method did not require you to input any of the information about servers or ports etc (may have had taken it from my auto set-up), so you just click through the set-up assign a name to your account and then hey presto your email account is set-up.

    You then go into the settings for the account and tweak to your requirement and then give it a whirl.

    Lo-and behold mine has finally started syncing on it's own accord and pretty darn quick too.

    I tested deleting from my desktop and saw the same email delete from my phone inbox. I then tried a delete from the phone and the mail in question vanished from my desktop inbox."

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