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Stock Email App & AOL email problem FIXEDSupport

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  1. awayne

    awayne Well-Known Member

    I have looked and didn't see this posted anywhere so I thought I would post it.

    This is for anyone using STOCK email app NOT Gmail or any other app. If you were having a problem with your email count going up and down all day everytime it would sync then this SHOULD fix it for you.

    1. First you have to remove your account. Click on your email icon > menu key > Accounts. Once you are there, click and hold on your AOL email account and hit delete email account. Verify that it has been removed.

    2. Now you need to remove all data and cache... If you have any other email account setup in the stock email app, doingthis might effect those aswell so you might have to reset them up aswell once you are done. Settings > Applications > Manage Apps > All. Now you will have to look for the app called "Email" Click on it and first clear Cache then Clear Data. Back up to all the apps and check the email app again to be sure it is cleared out.

    3. Now we can add the AOL email account back in. We are going to do this manual by us putting the settings in.

    Click on the email app.
    Click add a new account.
    Enter your aol email address complete (xxxx@aol.com) and then your password and click Manual Setup
    Your server name for incoming is pop.aol.com
    Security type is NON
    Server Port is 110
    Select how you would like it to delete your email to your liking

    Outgoing will have the same username (xxxx@aol.com)
    Password will also be the same
    Make sure check box on login required is marked
    SMTP server is SMTP.aol.com
    Security type is NON
    Server Port 587

    Once you have done the above, go back into your account settings and make your final adjustments for how many email you want it to download, your signature for your outgoing emails (if you want one) How often to check for new messages.

    I have done the above and it has fixed my issues I was having. Email send, receive with no problem at all. The only thing I have found it doesn't do is put messages that are sent from the phone into the sent box on AOL's servers if you go online.... But everything else seems to work.

    If this seems to work for others, we might want to put this as a sticky since it seemed like alot of people were having the same problem and Sprints Techs are NO HELP what so ever.

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  2. tresean1

    tresean1 Member

    ^Sounds good.....I have both AOL and Yahoo accounts set up on my phone, but it seems the "possesed up-and-down-email-count/delete-and-repopulate" email issue only occurs with the AOL portion; does this affect Yahoo too? Are there any special manual setting required for Yahoo as well? Or would I just re-setup the Yahoo account using automtiac settings like I initially did?

    Also....for example, if I set the phone to a 200 email limit, will it only accumulate 200 emails going forward (from the time it is setup on the phone), or will it go back and retrieve ALL of the last 200 emails regardless of the date or age? This is something I have always been curious about.....
  3. awayne

    awayne Well-Known Member

    I don't know about Yahoo since I don't have a Yahoo email account... I would try it out for the heck of it!

    As for the 200 email limit... When you sync it for the first time right after setting it up, it will down load the very first 200 messages in your box. So as an example, if you received 100 messages yesterday and 100 messages the day before that it would download those messages. As you receive new ones today, the very last messages from 2 days ago would be removed.... Now if you set it to "ALL" then all of your messages would be there until you delete them from your phone or online.
  4. SmooveBidnezz

    SmooveBidnezz Member

    I use my email app for my corporate email account. Ever since I upgraded to 2.2 I have experience severe scroll lag and while I'm typing new emails. Any idea whats going on?
  5. Wintyfbaby

    Wintyfbaby New Member

    This actually works>>>>>thnks

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