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  1. VinceStealth

    VinceStealth New Member

    hi all,

    I have the stock email app synced with an exchange account at work via activesync. My mail account includes a number of subfolders within my inbox.

    As part of me being 'organised' mail is auto sorted into subfolders. As many people do, I use the fact mail is unread to prompt that I still need to do something.

    I have all of these folders receiving mail via push.

    The problem I have is that when looking at the folder list, the subfolders are showing total emails (number in brackets) not unread emails. The inbox behaves normally and shows the number of unread emails in bracket.

    This is only on the S4, the S3 (setup in the same way) shows unread emails in brackets for every folder not total emails.

    Anyone experiencing the same? Anyone know any fixes. Please dont answer with 'use an app' i really need the stock app to work.



  2. VinceStealth

    VinceStealth New Member

    No one else has this problem?! someone else must be seeing this!
  3. bkeoghsmith

    bkeoghsmith New Member

    I'm having exactly the same issue, also on my S4.

    I've jut come back to Android from an iPhone after a number of years and I'm amazed at how poor the standard email apps are.

    How hard can it be to have a single email app that can monitor my Yahoo, Gmail and Exchange accounts and show me if I have an unread email?

    If I'd have realised how poor the email support was, I'd probably have stayed on iOS
  4. pmona

    pmona New Member

    I'm having the same issue with my S4. So far, I've found no answers searching the forums.

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