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  1. arcalis66

    arcalis66 Member

    hi i want to put gingerbread but i dont know if i have to flash my dell streak 5 first or weather i can just put the update.pkg file on my sd card and run it from recovery mode can someone tell me how to check if my dell is stock froyo or not i know were to look settings and about device just dont know what im looking for if it says android 2.2 does this mean its stock froyo and i dont need to flash

    help please

  2. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    I suggest you do A LOT more research before you go migrate to Gingerbread. You have to flash the correct recovery in fastboot to match the update.pkg and then flash the update.pkg in recovery... you asking if you have to "flash" is a clear indicator you haven't done near enough reading
  3. arcalis66

    arcalis66 Member

    yes but as far as i was aware if my dell streak 5 has not been touched (new no custom firmware) android 2.2 then i thought i didnt have to flash someone else already has told me i am right and all i have to do is put dell in recovery mode and use the update pkg you are now just confusing me
  4. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    The Gingerbread ROM from Dell is for India... so unless you are from another zone that has a 14 coded recovery then you have to flash a matching recovery to match the update.pkg from Dell, if you don't then you will get an error when you try to flash it, it's that simple. If you are confused then you need to NOT do anything and read for several more hours my friend. You haven't even posted the information from your phone... what DELL ROM you are running... for Froyo they range all the way from 318 to 366, do you even know which one you have? Do you know how to tell which one you have? If you can't answer any of those questions immediately then you shouldn't even be thinking about trying to move to Gingerbread... those questions are topics for you to type into Google by the way
  5. arcalis66

    arcalis66 Member

    i have been reading this is what i read

    Dell Streak 5 owners who couldn't wait for Gingerbread have been rooting to get it for quite a while, but now Dell has officially released Android 2.3.3 for the oversized phone. It includes the company's UI skin Stage 1.5.1 and Swype 2.27, but only supports English and Korean languages — xda-developers forum members are working on a full changelog.

    If you've been customizing your software, you'll have to revert to stock recovery version 350, but those of you still on stock Froyo can just download the package, rename it "update.pkg," enter recovery mode, and follow the on-screen instructions

    i take it im still on stock froyo as its new phone and not been updated or touched

    here is the info off my phone

    android version 2.2.2

    baseband version gausb1a135100-eu

    kernel version

    oem version gausb1a135100

    build number 15609
  6. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    see you have a 351 baseband, so that means your Dell 351 recovery. If you try to to update to Gingerbread without fastboot flashing the 350 recovery, it will spit out a FOTA mismatch error... and I promise that little bit of reading is hours away from everything you need to know because the Gingerbread ROM has MANY bugs... you need to know what to do about wifi and data network errors, SD card read and format errors, just to name a couple.

    And flashing is anything you have to do that changes the files on the inner memory... fastboot flashing is a form and then flashing files from recovery is flashing...

    I'm not trying to talk down to you or be condescending, I'm trying to keep you from making the huge mistake of getting ahead of yourself and then being stuck with a device NO ONE is going to help you with because you refused to prepare yourself...

    The only reason I'm even responding is because you at least took a moment to post your specs... for real info you have to go to either XDA or MoDaCo forums, and if you post there not knowing anything, they won't be nice about it
    There is NOT ONE SINGLE PROBLEM you can run into that has not been answered somewhere in the XDA Streak forum, and I mean NOT A SINGLE ONE... so read read and then when you think you have it, start all over
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  7. barsaiya1

    barsaiya1 Member

    Please Help!!!!

    I have dell streak 5 and to remove all previous data i did factory reset by method:
    1. Keep pressed volume key up and down and push start button until the the reset factory options cam.
    2. By selecting erase all data, press camera button to start reset factory.

    After starts self restarting after each 10 mins!! What happened is OS corrupted??
    OR advice if you can help me on this

    Many Thanks!!

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