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  1. ChanceM

    ChanceM Member

    So don't know if anyone else here knows about this but I was over at the XDA forums and found my way to this link:
    [Mod] Stock android lockscreen *now with no menu unlock option* - xda-developers

    There is a file that you replace in your \system\framework directory and reboot and then your captivate will have the stock android 2.1 slider lockscreen.

    All I did was copy over the file to my SD card and using adb shell copied it in. I would recommend copying the original first!

    Here are the commands I used.
    Note: I have a folder on my SD card called sideload so change it to where ever you put the file.
    adb shell
    cp /system/framework/android.policy.odex /sdcard/sideload/android.policy.odex.ORIG
    cp /sdcard/sideload/android.policy.odex /system/framework

    I have included a screenshot bellow so you can see what it looks like. Its a better solution than lock bot as it is native and there is 0 delay when unlocking or putting your phone on silent.

    Good luck if you have questions just ask below!

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  2. toawkanavngthded

    toawkanavngthded Well-Known Member

    can i do this on a mac? is adb on mac? sorry for the noob question
  3. ChanceM

    ChanceM Member

    yes as long as it's an Intel mac you can install the Android SDK or I guess I could have mentioned that if you download terminal emulator on to your phone you could do it there as well. PS you do need root.
  4. toawkanavngthded

    toawkanavngthded Well-Known Member

    oh really? i can do it from my captivate if i dl terminal from the market? i am actually rooted. well i dl teh android sdk but dont know how to use it or install it lol. im on a macbook. i would love to have the stock android lockscreen cuz i hate the stock on the captivate! im trying to get the vibrant hybrid rom working cuz that i believe has the stock android lockscreen
  5. ChanceM

    ChanceM Member

    All you need is to get to the adb inside of the tools folder from the SDK. IDK about on the mac but I just open a CMD prompt in the tools folder and then use the adb command. I would assume its the same just using terminal on the mac. But yes the terminal emulator on the market will let you do the same thing.

    Yeah this + launcher pro is the best! No more pesky TW.
  6. toawkanavngthded

    toawkanavngthded Well-Known Member

    yup! im on launcher pro and this would be the best!!will give this a go and hope this works!!
  7. ChefNsm

    ChefNsm Member

    When you get txts or missed calls does it have a slider show up to unlock straight to the txt or missed calls you get?
  8. ChanceM

    ChanceM Member

    I don't know I use smspopup so it just opens to a popup of the message that I can respond to without using the text app. And I have yet to miss a call I will try to let you know when it happens.

    Update: Okay I used Google voice to call myself. It just shows the missed call in the status bar. No additional sliders appeared.
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  9. toawkanavngthded

    toawkanavngthded Well-Known Member

    can u kinda help me on installing this?? lol im new to android. i just installed a custom rom but have no idea how to install this. i dl android sdk but dont know where to go from here... a little help? thanks in advance!
  10. ChanceM

    ChanceM Member

    I don't know if you want to do this on a custom ROM. I can't make any promises and as always with mods I can not assume any responsibility for anything that should happen. I would read the original I9000 forums inside of the link I posted. Note the section that says:

    Now granted I took the chance and it worked for me I will give you the instructions.

    1. go to the link and download the file with the options you want. I used the no menu unlock as I didn't care for it.
    2. copy the file in the ZIP archive to your phone. Either by mounting your sd card and moving it over or directly with adb.
    Note: In the commands I use the location /sdcard/sideload/ this is a folder I created there and you will need to change it to wherever you store the file on your phone.
    3. then issue the commands that I posted from your computer using adb with you phone plugged in and with debugging on.
    issue the commands on your phone using a terminal emulator(freely available in the market) skipping the first command adb shell.
    4. Then your phone will restart and it should have the stock lock-screen.

    If you don't know what ADB is try this link (Android Debug Bridge | Android Developers). Also note that you will need to do this in a command promt in windows from the "SDK install location"/tools folder.

    Best of luck!
    Let us know how it goes for you!
  11. ChefNsm

    ChefNsm Member

    Thanks for the feedback.:D

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