Stock messaging app Vs. Market messaging App

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  1. scottmbolt

    scottmbolt Well-Known Member

    Whats the scoop behind which one is really better? The stock messaging app or aftermarket apps (handcent and chomp). I use Handcent, and lately I have been finding it to be quite laggy and slow, even with cache cleared and all threads deleted.

    Is the only difference between stock and aftermarket, the fact that you can customize? I would much rather have a plain looking stock app that performs well, then a customizable aftermarket app that is slow.

    I am just looking for some opinions. Thank you!

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    It's all personal preference....

    Some prefer Chomp/Handcent because you can customize the text window, pop-ups, etc...

    Personally, I prefer the stock app. It can do everything I want it to do and in the ways that I like.
  3. Taterus Maximus

    Taterus Maximus Well-Known Member

    I use Handcent at the moment, but I'm thinking about going back to stock to see if it's any faster after rooting. I do like the options on Handcent though.
  4. madpirahna

    madpirahna Member

    I am new at this but I like using handcent speak to text features.
  5. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

    I prefer Handcent mostly because I can tell it to vibrate longer (so I feel it). I also like that I can speak to it and have it dictate.
  6. ibepressin

    ibepressin Active Member

    I prefer handcent due to the fact that it will resize picture messages. The stock app will just say message size limit exceeded.
  7. I used Handcent for some time, but went back to the stock app. Handcent has a lot of nice for customization but did get laggy from time to time. It does come down to personal preference.
  8. t1jordan

    t1jordan Well-Known Member

    I am currently using Handcent as well. I do prefer the stock messaging app. Handcent is slow and laggy. The pop up feature is the only feature I really like. Stock messaging app is much faster, but the problem with sending picture mail is a issue with the stock messaging app. So I deal with the slow interface of Handcent.
  9. hood420

    hood420 Well-Known Member

    I prefer Handcent, I like the customizations and the quick-reply window. I have not had any problems with lag since I have rooted.
  10. chinkster

    chinkster Well-Known Member

    i prefer the stock app but use handcent because it auto resize pics for MMS. i am thinking about going back to stock now that the new handcent update has ads in the settings menu...
  11. bob2300

    bob2300 Well-Known Member

    I use handcent and do not notice any lag issues. Loving the popup features
  12. SkunkApe

    SkunkApe Well-Known Member

    Also using handcent. Haven't seen much of a lagging issue at all.
  13. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    I tried Handcent and liked the customization, but I didn't like the fact that no matter what you do you still get two messages. I have been using the stock messenger app for a couple months and haven't had any issues. Not saying it's super fast, but it works well. I also use SMS Popup, which was one of the features I liked about Handcent.
  14. SkunkApe

    SkunkApe Well-Known Member

    did you make sure to disable the the notifications on the stock messenger app?
  15. durandetto

    durandetto Well-Known Member

    I disabled the notifications, but you still get the message sent to both messaging apps so you have to delete them from both. Not that big of a deal, but didn't think the stock app was that bad to have to deal with the annoyance.
  16. BoomCackle

    BoomCackle Member

    I use the stock messanger, but keep Handcent on the next screen in case I need to send a picture.
  17. ItsDon

    ItsDon Well-Known Member

    +1 for stock and SMS Popup - winning combination for sure.
  18. Minishmaru

    Minishmaru New Member

    I use go sms pro actually. I tried handcent and it definitely was slow compared to my stock but go sms seems fast to me especially next to handcent. Customizable, pop up notification, etc. altho I do have that problem where I gotta delete from my stock app cuz it still receives and if I delete from 1 app same goes for the other.
  19. TyMiles2012

    TyMiles2012 Member

    I have to use an aftermarket app, but that's because when I text my gf, I have a thread with almost 1000 texts plus several MMS messages, Chomp loads the thread instantly, while the stock vanilla messenger takes literally 10 seconds just to load the thread. I would definitely use stock if it wasn't so slow... Kinda silly since stock should always be superior as the "original" app for that purpose if you ask me.
  20. 420benz

    420benz Well-Known Member

    Just installed and cant add a contact

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