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STOCK MICROMAX A87 BOOT.IMG with sd-card as internal storage support

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  1. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    hi guys

    1st i would love to thanks to all xda-developers.com and androidforums.com for providing the guide-clues- methods - ideas for everything ,credits goes to all xda-developers and androidformus users for help

    special thanks to ph03n!x from xda-developers.com for the guide

    well there was few other guides which i checked but would not get the result finally was able to mod boot.img to mount sc-card partition as internal memory for the a87

    micromax a87 supports ext4 file system so i have modded with ext4 fs(all system partition are ext4 fs)

    here is how to do:
    remove your sc-card and place in card reader and plug-in to system

    1#backup your sc-card
    2#downlaod minitool or any other tool has u like
    3#now lets us assume that i have 4gb card
    4#now make 1st partition as primary for fat32 with 2gb
    5#now make another primary partition with ext4 for 1gb or more
    6#now make another primary partition swap for the remaining space (if u dont need swap then skip this step)

    now insert the sc-card to the phone and make sure phone is swithched off before u insert sd-card

    now press down volume button and power button to goto fastboot mode

    open cmd and navigate to adb folder and copy downloaded boot.img to same adb folder

    now type is command

    fastboot flash boot boot.img
    thats it

    fastboot reboot

    ur phone will restart

    note : nomally a87 load boot 1st and then mounts the sd-card (because sd-card takes bit time to mount)
    with this mod boot it will take bit 5-8sec more because system is waiting for the sd-card to mount and then loads the boot files which contains the command to mount the sd-card ext4 partition as internal storage

    when i tested it i felt bit slow because internal storage is sc-card partition ext4 ,so anyone interested plz try and comment here

    Dev-Host - a87 stock boot.img with sd-card as internal storage support - ext4 fs.rar - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    a87 stock boot.img with sd-card as internal storage support - ext4 fs.rar Download - Directmirror.com - Upload & Mirror your files! (+10 servers)

    happy modding guys!

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  2. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    my profile name as been changed from BB4UGL to hemanth as i requested the androidforums to change and i am very thankful to androidforums.com
  3. aunriz

    aunriz Member

    Hey hemant does this img disables 50mb zram, if not please provide it as u mentioned in naother post thanks
  4. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    Is this works for non rooted stock rom?As I am a victim of faulty device,u know.
  5. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

  6. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    why cant u try for replacement of the device which will solve ur problem?

    i will try to pre-root the stock a87 rom for u
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  7. idhbar

    idhbar Well-Known Member

    For replacement i need a visible solid reason . The ph. is working fine in normal condition. What reason should i place in font of them before asking for replacement (it is 1 month old)???Suggest.:confused:
  8. CuteCriminal

    CuteCriminal Active Member

    somehow blew up ur charging ic in ur mobile and ask for replacement,just a suggestion
  9. CuteCriminal

    CuteCriminal Active Member

    i tried this boot.img
    but after flashing this boot.img my google core apps crashed,
    existing google accounts disabled,
    unable to add google accounts
  10. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    well when i tested it it was working.have u disabled any app before flashing?

    and by the way i felt os reaction was bit slow ,whats ur reply?
  11. CuteCriminal

    CuteCriminal Active Member

    no i disabled nothing....
    yup phone gone slow as because i used swap also,if swap is disabled then it behaved as normal.....

    swap+internal storager to sd ==> pain in the a** for the SDCARD and phone ;)
  12. jaimin100

    jaimin100 Well-Known Member

    so what is the difference between zram enable and disable?
  13. jaimin100

    jaimin100 Well-Known Member

    hey bro will u upload video or screen shot of each step?
  14. samfrnds90

    samfrnds90 New Member

    hi guys plz help me a87 dead
  15. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

  16. AakashDabas

    AakashDabas New Member

    Its too laggy and giving errors. Can you please fix it. I'm using class 10 16 GB memory card with 1GB assigned as EXT4 with deception 3 rooted rom.
  17. hemanth

    hemanth Well-Known Member

    yaar using sd-card as internal memory will be laggy and slow ,its just an option to test and check but cant be used in daily usage

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