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Stock phone performance.General

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  1. avenuePad

    avenuePad Well-Known Member

    I've only had my phone for a week now, but overall it performs great. I really only noticed lag when I started noticing how much people were talking about it. Don't get me wrong, when I get more familiar with the Android OS I'm going to root this baby to hell, but for now it's great. I did notice some lag when swiping on the desktop, but I had this huge clunky "Daily Briefing" news widget that seemed to be the culprit.

    I'm going to at least wait until Froyo comes to Telus and see how that improves the speed of the phone. From what I've read I shouldn't really expect much, but you never know.

    I'd like to hear about how other peoples' phones are behaving.

  2. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    How is the speaker volume, call clarity, reception in weaker area's. I have search for days but there aren't any reviews on this phone. Spec's yes, features but not real world usability testing. I need a phone with good reception, speaker volume and clarity. Some other version seem to have an issue with noisy calls and poor in noisier areas (picking up background noise a lot). Strange I read a US version saying there was a 2nd mic and port for noise canceling. Maybe this build does not have it like the LED flash is also dropped.
  3. tripplec

    tripplec Well-Known Member

    Well, I can say after finding one at a store and testing it with my simm card. Volume is clear and louder than the Desire. Clarity initially seemed tinny to a member on the house phone but after going to speaker phone and back it appeared good to the called party. Maybe I was covering the mic or something. It was not very quite but our conversation went fine.

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