Stock Radios for Thunderbolt encase I change them?

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  1. AlexOnVinyl

    AlexOnVinyl Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have the default/stock radios for the Thunderbolt just encase I want to revert back to them or change the current ones?


  2. jimmyco2008

    jimmyco2008 Member

    Well there aren't "stock" radios- they're all radios officially released by HTC.

    If you want to flash back to the radio you're on...which looks like the latest one (1.49 baseband), check out Mecha Centre ( links! We don't have 1.49 yet, but we'll have it there soon!

    And root that thing, will ya? lol
  3. AlexOnVinyl

    AlexOnVinyl Well-Known Member

    It is rooted. lol. just not Custom Rom rooted. :)

    And if I can get a hold of those radios for my phone I'd be pretty thankful.
  4. AlexOnVinyl

    AlexOnVinyl Well-Known Member

    also, Nice site there Jimmy.
  5. jimmyco2008

    jimmyco2008 Member

    Thanks! ..but I mean for now at least, use Google to find your 1.49 radios, I've found a site, but they make you sign up and all that to download....

    Point is though, I'm working on it, it's not like Mecha Centre is going away, I could die and it would probably be up forever, since .tk domains are free.

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