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Stock recovery.img for desire c

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  1. nvt

    nvt Member

    Does anyone have the stock recovery.img and rom for the desire c
    please respond!

  2. nvt

    nvt Member

    I really need this becouse my wi-fi does not work

    please help!
  3. GrimDemon

    GrimDemon New Member

    I have a stock recovery backed up from my Desire C/Golfu.

    Check the attachment.

    The problem with Wi-Fi can be caused by a bad kernel.

    Attached Files:

  4. omerkhalique13

    omerkhalique13 New Member

    does anyone got the stock modules?... my kernel is 3.0.16-g9b985eehtc-kernel@and18-2#3preempt ..... i rooted using superboot and flashed the nameless rom boot.img without flashing the rom... now my wifi dosent work... i have even tried flashing the stock boot.img but it dosent help.... plz give me module files from your desire c... u have to be rooted and on stock rom... open = system/lib/modules then upload them here please!!

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