Stock Rom Backup That actually works

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  1. newraze

    newraze Active Member

    I'm using this stock rom backup right now so I know it works.
    Make sure to download the folder then install it with the backup & restore option of the cwm custom recovery. It will except the ota updates with the stock recovery from mtmichaelson's all in one but it will only work without being rooted.

    4shared folder - 1980-01-

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  2. mouaboyz

    mouaboyz New Member

    confirmed! Thanks newraze.
    I did go ahead and get mine updated and saved a copy that can be downloaded HERE. It has been restored to factory settings and is bloated I currently have 235MB for the Internal Storage space. you will need to restore it in CWM recovery.
  3. 66dude

    66dude Well-Known Member

    Will I lose root if this is installed?
  4. newraze

    newraze Active Member

    yeah because this rom is just like the rom you get on the breakout when you get it from the factory.
  5. 66dude

    66dude Well-Known Member

    Perfect! I am about to retire the Breakout, and may sell it. So, all I have to do is restore the file in CWM recovery? Anything I need to do before I proceed with the restore?
  6. mouaboyz

    mouaboyz New Member

    use CWM to restore then you can use All-in-One to flash the boot to factory if needed.
  7. Viper32

    Viper32 Active Member

    This one works and will allow you to take updates afterwards...... The other backup in here that mouaboyz posted will not work phone would not read sim card.

  8. gully52

    gully52 Member

    The file from 4Shared in the OP WORKS!!!! I've had a Breakout that was stuck with mismatched Software and Baseband versions for the past year. THIS FILE FIXED IT! I'm now back to 100% stock Verizon, and updated to their latest version on both the software and baseband (8995VWCA66F.BB)!

    All that being said, 4Shared SUCKS. Because of that, I went through the pain and agony of downloading the OP's folder in some B1 compression format, installing the proprietary compression program to be able to uncompress it, and I have conveniently repackaged it in a plain old zip file. The file will be placed on dev-host!

    I have renamed the folder to a clockworkmod timestamp corresponding with the modified date of the folder itself. That was the only way I got CWM to pass the MD5 test and actually restore the image to my phone.

    Simply download my zip file linked below, and follow the directions, and you should be back to 100% stock on your Pantech Breakout!

    1) Make sure you have CWM recovery on the phone.
    2) Unzip the file into the /clockworkmod/backup folder on your SD card. It should make a folder named 2013-06-
    3) Boot into CWM recovery by holding search/power on the phone until you're in recovery.
    4) choose "backup and restore", then "restore", then choose the 2013-06- file. MD5 should pass and the phone will restore from this backup.
    5) power down the phone when it's done restoring.
    6) Hold the back button when plugging the phone into your computer to enter fastboot mode.
    7) Use the "Recovery All In One" file to push Stock Recovery to your phone:
    8) Pull the battery after successfully pushing the Stock Recovery. Put it back in and boot up the phone.
    9) You should now be at bone stock 8995VWBB46F.BB on both the Baseband and the Software.
    10) Make sure you have a working Verizon SIM card in the phone, and check for updates. It should download and successfully install three or four separate updates. When you're all done, you should be at bone stock 8995VWCA66F.BB.

    Please let me know if there are problems with the process listed above. All I know is that they worked for me, on my phone that hasn't been able to take an update for over a year.

    Thanks, OP for posting the files, but dang, 4Shared is horrible.

    Here is my dev-host link to the exact same files posted by the OP. These are completely unmodified by me, other than repacking them in a standard zip file, and renaming the folder with an appropriate timestamp:

    Download file from dev-host: - 275.25 MB
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  9. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    will this work if my phone is stuck in fastboot?
  10. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

  11. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yes this will work its the stock back up this is what i asked you for . Its something to kick start the software and then when running you can now just update to current stock . But as i see many are talking about the update to drivers and sdk . If your sdk needs work that would need some upgrading to the JAVA .
  12. rbitting

    rbitting Member

    gully52 your post and link was spot on! Thank you!!!!! after updating I went fllashed CWM back/rooted and I am back in business.:):)
  13. sharaa09

    sharaa09 Active Member

  14. buonadomenica

    buonadomenica Member

    does anybody have a stock rom for the Pantech please? I have installed the debloated one but all I'm getting is a black screen.

    the link for the above file is dead
  15. MaxRedRoom

    MaxRedRoom New Member

    Im going through the same thing too.

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