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Support Stock ROM Coby MID9042-8

  1. jethwa0902

    jethwa0902 New Member

    I accidentally rooted my coby mid9042-8 with a coby mid9742.img file. I used livesuite 1.0.7. After rooting my screen started behaving wierdly and started flashing lines and random stuff. The device won't start, tried system recovery and the reset button at the corner nothing works. I was wondering if re-rooting the device to stock ROM of mid9042 will work again??? Like an idiot i didnt make a back-up.

    Please help because i tried searching for the stock ROM didn't find anything. Please Help..........

    Sorry I didnt know where else to post this thread...

  2. jethwa0902

    jethwa0902 New Member

    I think the file which I am looking for should look something like this "coby_9042_4.0.3.img" . If anyone has found it then can you please upload it here... Will really appreciate it. thanks
  3. khris1973

    khris1973 New Member

    Hi there, i just got a coby mid9042, do you know how to download the market place?
  4. werrew46

    werrew46 New Member

    Why can nobody answer this? I am having the same excact issue please help!

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