stock rom for galaxy note i717 question

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  1. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, question on flashing back to stock. I found this on XDA but dont quite understand.

    This is an odin .tar prepared with the stock AT&T Kernel, System, and Recovery.

    Flash it from odin using the same instructions as my root thread

    After flashing, you may need to boot into recovery by powering off, holding vol up + vol down, and holding power until you get into recovery. Then perform a factory reset, this should get you up and running after most brickery.

    Note that this is a large file (~450MB), please spare my web host if you don't particularly need it

    Download .rar here

    Below are stock kernel-only odin tars:
    AT&T stock kernel-only odin pda tar
    TELUS stock kernel-only odin pda tar
    Bell stock kernel-only odin pda tar
    Rogers stock kernel-only odin pda tar

    what is the difference between .rar and tar stock kernel
    I want to return phone to brand new from the store stock rom.

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  2. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    Two things here:

    The .tar above is just the stock kernel itself. Don't try flashing that on its own or you'll soft brick.

    The .rar file is the full stock ROM which, once downloaded, will need to be extracted as a .tar (using Bitzipper or any other zip utility).

    Then you take this extracted .tar and load it into the PDA field of Odin. Then you flash away (takes a bit over 3min) and you're left with complete stock ROM.

    After this, install the CWM recovery through Odin (that .tar file can be found on XDA as well, or I can PM it to you) and then AND ONLY then will you be able to boot into recovery.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

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  3. chevrev

    chevrev New Member

    can't download the file?
  4. Rsoaker27

    Rsoaker27 Member

    Thanks for the info...I only had a few issues with the email trying to sync 24/7 thus killing my battery..which I just unchecked sync..and being connected to wifi drained the battery. My other email (MSN, Yahoo) didnt have the same effect but at random it would take forever to send an email or sometimes it wouldnt send them at all...that being said I switched back to gingerbread and really wish(after reading tons of posts) that I never messed with it in the first place..Im new to android after having an iPhone for the last few years and love the system but now I worry about being able to get OTA updates. Needless to say Ive learned my lesson! :)
  5. th3goob

    th3goob Well-Known Member

    Okay, i see that you explained it...but do i need to do the extra factory reset by rooting it with CWM?
  6. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    CWM is kind of an optional step.

    In other words, if all you want to do is return to "straight out of the package" stock, then there's no need to install clockwork recovery back on the device (CWM).

    However, if you want to flash any custom ROMs in the future, install any zip files of any sort, you'll need CWM installed, which is why I kind of casually threw it into my explanation even though the OP never actually mentioned it.

    Hopefully this make sense. If not, let me know.

  7. samirfuzzy

    samirfuzzy New Member

    I cant find the actual attstockrom file anywhere. if any one could please give me a link.
  8. Kyrotech

    Kyrotech Well-Known Member

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  9. infowarz

    infowarz Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks,
    Downloaded (inside zip was KIES_HOME_I717UCMD3_I717ATTMD3_1117019
    _REV02_user_low_ship.tar ) from other site. Odin said cant connect 3 times and after it showed connection, installed tar 4 times, and than it went in bootloop 4 times.
    SO.... I be softbricked.... big time.

    Went to that link, but didn't see any att US rom, like 5 other sites today from other forums.

    Does US att show up when we register?

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