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STOCK ROM Releases | All 3 Firmwares - 4 Versions Each | Stock Apps | Stripper Application

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  1. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    LG Connect 4G ROM Release Thread​

    Exercise EXTREME caution when performing modifications to any type of ROM. While these are backups of other individuals ROMs, and they are tested there is no way that we can prevent you from causing an issue during the process of using these.
    If you don't know what they are, or how to use them then do your research first. Myself, and the Orginal Uploaders of the ROMs listed here take NO responsibility for any damage caused to your phone, operating environment, system files, sd card files, etc. when performing these modifications. In other words, you assume FULL responsibility for any, and all actions incurred from utilizing these files.

    This thread will contain (after they are acquired or donated by other users to contribute to this thread) all available STOCK ROM types for the LG Connect. The purpose of this is to allow a centralized location where all the stock variances will have a single residence to allow easier finding without cluttering our sub-section with requests for things that are/have already been listed.

    These are ONLY Stock / Rooted / De-Bloated / Stripped - The Custom ROMs need to stay in their respective thread as that is NOT the purpose of this at all.


    To install these ROMs please follow the instructions listed below VERY carefully. These instructions assume you're using Clockwork Mod Recovery. If you're not, then please go read on it. It's a necessity for this type of swap to work.

    1. Download the ROM you wish to use.
    2. Extract using 7zip, winrar etc.. (on pc - it's faster that way - typically)
    3. Put the extracted folder into the "Backup" folder inside "./SDCard/Clockwork Mod/Backup" on your phone.
    4. Download ROM Manager (If you don't already have it.
    5. Open ROM Manager, and select "Reboot into Recovery." Wait on phone to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
    6. Perform a FULL DATA wipe (Otherwise known as a Factory Wipe)
    7. Select Wipe Cache.
    8. Select "Advanced"
    9. Wipe the "Battery Stats" - (Helps maintain Battery life appropriately with new ROMs)
    10. Wipe the "Dalvik Cache."
    11. Go into the Backup/Recovery Menu
    12. Select Recovery
    13. Select the Folder that you just placed within ClockWork Recovery Backup Folder
    14. Wait on Restore to complete (It will notify you when finished.)
    15. Select "Reboot System Now."
    16. Wait on the device to reboot and go to your home screen.
    17. Reboot after you are running the ROM and at the home screen. (THIS IS NECESSARY AND MANDATORY AS WELL AS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

    ========ROM LISTING========


  2. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    **Edits to Main Thread Listed here**

    6/6/12: Created Initial Thread with ZV9 Stock - Rooted in Listing.
    6/6/12: Initial Thread Composure set.
    6/9/12: Added ZV9 Stock - Rooted - De-Bloated.
    6/9/12: Added ZV9 Stock - Rooted - Stripped
    6/9/12: Revised Thread Composure
    6/9/12: Added Listings for "Stripped" Roms (Gamer Mode)
    6/9/12: Added Stock Roms that are Removed in "Stripped Mode" for Download with matching Odex files in case of errors (never hurts to be safe.)
    6/11/12: Added Stripper Application to allow users to perform the "Stripping" function that I use on the stripped ROMs on the ones they're already using.
    6/11/12: Added new Section for Stripping Application.
    6/11/12: Noticed an issue with No Sound from the Stripper Script
    6/11/12: Removed Stripper Script 'till issue is discovered, and remedied.
    6/11/12: *NOTE* All of the ROMs that are currently up did NOT use this cript to get stripped. I did them by hand, and I know for a FACT that they work, and are safe.
    6/27/12: Finally able to edit my threads again...Added Direct Link to Stripper App Thread. Going to work on getting some ROM's up Tonight, but it may take some time. Internet's being shitty again - really wish my condo's weren't locked into a contract with this shitty provider.
    6/27/12: Added ZVA Stock - Rooted ROM
  3. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    The stock rooted zv8 link is linked to a zv9 file on drop box. This is an awesome idea for a thread btw.
  4. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    Although the author listed it as ZV9 I'm using it at this very second, and it is listed as ZV8 in the "about phone" menu. This is the reason I believe it to be such. Is this just an issue with the software revision label?
  5. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    I have a refurb model that is running zv9 (I know for fact) but the about phone also reads zv8. A few people on here have refurbs all read the same too from what I've seen. So to be able to get a zv8 would be dope cause ideally the updater tool should work on the OG zv8 ROM. I'm gonna need to check this out either way lol.
  6. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    Okay, thanks for the info. I'll set it into the ZV9 slot for now, until we confirm otherwise.
    I'm downloading a few tools I used to use on game clients for disassembling, and am going to take a crack at finding out where the firmware links are being polled from in the LG Updater. Wish me luck.
    With all luck on my side, I should be able to get base revisions for ZV9 and ZVa. hopefully anyways.
  7. Gadget Lovers

    Gadget Lovers Well-Known Member

    yes its zv9 stock rooted

    Sent from my LG-MS840 using Tapatalk
  8. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    Looking at it in the LG Updater it's stating v8 as well, so how do you know that it's v9?
  9. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    Check to see if it lets you update it. My updater tool reads mine as zv8 too but says I'm upgraded to the latest firmware already when i try to update it. A true zv8 should let the update go through. My cousin has the connect with an OG zv8 on it, I'll try and pull a copy of his ROM to test out this weekend.
  10. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    Checking out some decompiled scripts in the updater's dll, and I saw this...

    db 'NTT Docomo request - Test IMEI check version between server version and phone version',0

    They block us from being able to even trick the software by constantly reflecting the IMEI from our phones.
    it's going to be impossible to even trick the software into thinking that we DESERVE the update when on ZV8 from a recovery.

    In other words, this thread is the ONLY hope that we have to do any type of post lg updater downgrades, OR upgrades!!!
    Dear LG...SCREW YOU!

    Talk to your cousin, and let him get you the recovery. It's our ONLY hope at having the real ZV8 as far as I can see. If necessary I'll pay him ten bucks for it. I know it's not a lot, but I've got a newborn, and a wife that can't breastfeed because her job won't let her pump, and formula's fkn expensive for a three month old that eats six to eight times a day...
  11. Gadget Lovers

    Gadget Lovers Well-Known Member

  12. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

  13. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    Yea buddy formula its way expensive, I've got 3 kids and I'm soooo glad they're eating real foods now. You won't have to pay for anything homie, I set his phone up with the root and CWM he'll have no problem letting me get the ROM. What I'll do is just take a stock nandroid from his recovery and flash it to my phone and do a factory reset and that should give us a zv8. If that doesn't work I'll just factory reset his device nandroid that then we'll have one that way. Either way I'll get it this weekend.
  14. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    I've got the copy of zv8 now, my cousin's phone is a true zv8. The LG updater tool reads it as ZV8 and will allow the update to ZV9 (or ZVA most likely). I'll put it in my phone then flash it, do a factory reset and see if my phone is recognized the same way and post results and an upload link here shortly.
  15. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    When you upload it, do so via dropbox so I can add it to mine and just throw the link from my drop box. When you provide a dropbox link people can "add the file to their dropbox" and it creates an on-server copy that's almost instant, so it saves download, and re-upload time. The reason I want to do it this way is because I have folders set up containing each copy so there's a folder for zv8, zv9, and zvA each will contain links to the stock, stock-rooted, stock -rooted-debloated, and strock-rooted-stripped versions.

    I'm almost done uploading the stock apps too. This is a rar containing ALL of the apps that are removed in the "Stripped version" in case people need it. It's just under 100mb and also has the odex files in case someone encounters errors due to missing data.
  16. dulal18

    dulal18 Well-Known Member

    Lol the ZVA backup has a password on the android lock screen and black and white wallpaper cool. Gonna wipe data well thanks a lot guys this thread is awesome. The LG Connect scene is dead check it day and night only you guys are working hard and keeping it up thanks a lot.
  17. OrKo

    OrKo Well-Known Member

    So I got the rom flashed it onto my phone, which pretty much made my phone my cousins phone (or so it seemed). I hooked my device up to the lg updater tool and it read my phone as already updated still. :( So I guess just by flashing a rom that has a different version update doesn't let you bypass the lg tool. If you want I'll still do a factory reset of the zv8 copy I have and upload it so you can have a copy.
  18. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    No, it will not let you update anymore once you do initially.
    I listed the reason for this somewhere, but I don't remember where.
    Anyways,t he cause of it, and the ENTIRE reason I developed this thread, and requested the sticky is because of the way LG coded the application.

    I disassembled the code for it the other day, and took a REALLY extensive look at it, and it turns out that when you update the phone the IMEI and Serial of the phone are turned into LG's server as well as your phone number, and administrator details for the phone. This essentially allows LG to "block" the update feature until you get another phone, which if you do more than likely be the OTA ZV9 and then you can upgrade to ZVA again, but there's not a way that I have found yet to disable this function.

    The way they programmed the app it literally locks the application until a request is sent back from their server stating what software you last upgraded to. Unfortunately it's not a php pull/get system, because if it were, I could have coded a workaround script in hours and we'd be good to go.

    This is the entire reason that it's necessary for us to get every available rom listed on this thread. To help the devs figure out how to get tethering to work inside the rom, to help people have the version that suits them best, and to help the community stay clean of requests for things that are already here :D

    I added "stripped" version of the existing rom today which has about 14 more apps than the normal "debloat" removed to further enhance battery life, and memory on the phone, so hopefully that'll prove useful for some.
    I tested the phone with a solid reboot, home launcher initialization, and launched the play store, and attempted a download, EVERY time I uninstalled an application, and have noticed NO issues on MY phone, but that doesn't guarantee anything, and it's for that reason I also included the stock apps with their corresponding odex files.
  19. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

  20. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    LAWL... Sorry to hear that you had issues with that backup. Once you do the ZVA restoration, backup all contents of your SD Card to your computer, and then go into the rom via regular boot, and open rom manager.
    After that, go to "boot into recovery" and when you get to recovery select "Factory Wipe (full wipe, whatever.) Then select Wipe Cache right underneath that. Then go into advanced, and wipe the dalvik cache, and then select reboot recovery.
    As SOON as the phone reboots into recovery mode, use the CWM Delooper to flash the stock recovery mode back onto the phone then reboot via cwm control.

    After that when the phone powers down remove the battery immediately to "break" the power down cycle, then pop it back in, and hold the volume down, power key 'till the recovery screen appears telling you to hit "power" to confirm. Hit power twice, and let it work it's magic.

    After that you should have an "unlocked" ZVA.

    I'm going to do this later, and update my ROM Release thread with the version I get unlocked, and set up.
    It may take about 24-48 hours though.
  21. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    Oh, and Thanks for the appreciation. Always nice to hear people say thanks :D Especially means a lot to me since doing some of these rom edits, and tests the last few days I lost irreplaceable photos of my newborn daughter, which broke my heart. But seeing people get helped makes it worth it to an extent. At least it's not in vain.
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  22. ajfoucault

    ajfoucault Member

    Thanks a LOT for this thread! Waiting for the stripped version of the MS840ZVA ROM.
  23. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    I'll try to get you one within the next 24 hours, can't 100% guarantee it what with the new baby, and wife being off; and going back to work at 6am tomorrow. I only sleep like six hours a week so I'm sure I'l have a chance.
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  24. ajfoucault

    ajfoucault Member

    Thanks a bunch, boss! But take your time, man! No stress, family comes first! :p:D
  25. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    Don't understand how the scene could be dead. Broken out rom just came out what like 2
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