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  1. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    I am using the stock app for my SMS text messaging. I have noticed that several message threads are showing a date of Dec 31, 1969. I am unable to delete these from my history. The program allows me to enter the delete field, but when I attempt to delete these messages, nothing happens and they stay in my history. Any ideas on how to delete these messages from within this app. I have new messages show up on occasion, that were not in there before. There are about 35 threads currently at this point that I need to delete. I appreciate any help with this.

  2. realfutbol

    realfutbol Member

    Try this.
  3. Wally World

    Wally World Well-Known Member

    If that doesn't work. Menu/settings/Applications/Manage Applications/All/Text Messaging-Hit Force Stop then Clear Data. Now go back and try to delete the message thread.
  4. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    Hey guys appreciate the information and I have tried both suggestions. The messages are still showing up in the SMS app. An additional piece of information for you, the subect is blank, there is no information within the messages that are showing the date of Dec 31, 1969. There is just a header with the phone number or contact information. I appreciate all assistance.
  5. Wally World

    Wally World Well-Known Member

    Ok, turn off phone. Pull the battery out and put it back in. Hold down power button and home screen until icon with exclamation point shows up. Hit search button(magnifying glass). Now use the volume buttons to select Wipe Cache Partition. Use the camera button to select. Once this is done reboot and see if you can delete the messages. This is clearing the phones cache. This might help.
  6. usnrma

    usnrma Active Member

    I have tried the cahe wipe and am still unable to get the messages to delete. They still show up as before. I go to delete conversation, and click it and nothing happens. I appreciate the help
  7. JediZombie

    JediZombie Well-Known Member

    Have you recently installed a 1.21 gigawatt processor, Mcfly?
  8. ctigs

    ctigs New Member

    this is not available in gingerbread.

    (the swipe left in contacts)

    I am having the same issue:

    I can long press on the thread, tap delete conversation and it removes the content of the thread but I can not remove the thread itself.

    I have threads in my phone I can not remove that are for people I am never going to correspond with again and it's very frustrating not being able to clean up the text message threads.

    Any more ideas on how to fix this? (I am on gingerbread)


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