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Stolen Infuse Wanting to Upgrade to S2General

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  1. mfratella

    mfratella Member

    In July I bought the Infuse and loved it. Unfortunately, on Friday one of my students stole my Infuse right off my desk and I'm without a phone now. I tweeted AT&T customer service and got in touch with a CSR who is higher up than the usual phone jockey. He was very nice but could only offer me a discounted price on the Infuse of $299.

    I have over $300 in my Amazon account and was thinking of just buying an unlocked S2 on there if AT&T won't offer me the S2 at that $299 price as well. My question is this: Is the unlocked international version just as good as the AT&T one, or am I best getting the AT&T one? I know the AT&T one doesn't have that home button, which I really don't care about, but is the firmware, processor, etc the same?


  2. kidsavior

    kidsavior Well-Known Member

    The International version is the same, if not better, than the AT&T version. However I wouldn't worry about AT&T not giving you the $299.99 price. If you push a bit, ask for a supervisor a couple of times, you should get that price or better pretty easily.

    BTW Lock your desk next time. :)
  3. mfratella

    mfratella Member

    Yeah yeah...lock the desk:) I'll be triple deadbolting that MF'er on Monday:)

    Thanks for the advice. I might just go ahead and buy the International unlocked version on Amazon...with $300 in credit, it'll just be cheaper.

    I did call AT&T and asked and they're giving the line that since it's not available in all markets yet, they can't offer a reduced price. F it...I'll just get it on Amazon.
  4. mfratella

    mfratella Member

    When looking on Amazon, I've noticed there is one version with the international warranty and one with no warranty. What's the difference?

    Also, is there a specific seller on Amazon you'd recommend buying from?

    Is the form factor of the international unlocked version the same as the AT&T one?
  5. DankNasty

    DankNasty Well-Known Member

    How interesting that it was "stolen" the very day the sg2 was released...... jk
  6. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    ill tell you from recent experience it is very hard to get phones from them for the $200 price without an actual upgrade. my captivate recently broke and i called att to see if i could get a free early upgrade.

    the lady told me she could, but then charged me $333 for the phone, saying they dont price match with the prices they have in store and online, which made absolutely no sense, i mean they dont have to price match they are the same store. i called several times trying to get them to give me the online price but got nowhere, they all said the same thing about price matching. and on top of that she charged me $50 for the early upgrade, when she said it would be free. atleast its better than the $275 early upgrade fee now, but they have really tightened their lock on these things recently

    but i will say one thing, never order a phone online, they will charge you a ton more for just calling and ordering it, i mean since they dont price match
  7. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Get the one with a warranty and furfilled by Amazon:

    Might cost more but Amazon will stand behind it!

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