Stop applications from running at startup?

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  1. Doctor Hanso

    Doctor Hanso Member

    Is there a good way to stop applications from starting when your phone boots? I searched around for some threads on the topic, but everything I can find is pre-Froyo. I used to just use Advanced Task Killer to stop everything manually, but now even the ATK Froyo version doesn't seem to "really" kill all my apps. It shows the apps are stopped, but then I go into Application Manager and low and behold most of them are still running.

    I've heard the argument that says you don't need to manage what Apps your phone is running because it can do it by itself, and I really can't say I agree with that. Android might well be able to manage it's own resources, but that doesn't mean you should be running programs you don't need constantly. Any such device is going to see better performance when it's CPU is NOT totally tanked, not to mention battery life. The Application Manager doesn't tell you how much CPU you are using, and that's what is important. Using memory doesn't really kill your battery, but running the CPU will.

    Anyways, has anyone found a good, free way to do this? Going into Application Manager and ending them 1 by 1 is not a good solution at all.


  2. AngryHatter

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    They aren't necessarily running - just readied for access.
    Remember when vista first came out and people went nuts over the readyboost? It loads memory with things you use because it doesn't cost more battery to hold ram empty rather than full.

    Same with your phone. Since the mA draw is the same, let the phone decide. After all, it is a smartphone.

    Under Settings/About Phone/ Battery Use you can see exactly what has been sucking your battery.

    In short - what is listed under Running Programs is not necessarily running.
    Think about it this way - Swype always shows it's running, but it only operates when you using a keyboard. It's sleeping when I am on the phone.

    Lastly - app managers themselves can adversely effect your battery.
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  3. Doctor Hanso

    Doctor Hanso Member

    Thanks for the info.

    I am familiar with the Battery settings page, but I have a question. Do the idling applications that are "not running but ready" qualify as part of the "Phone Idle" category? I assume they do, because the "Android System" is another category.

    The reason I wanted to turn things off is because my "Phone Idle" battery % (19%) is higher than my "Android System" batter % (17%). Is that normal?

    Thanks again.
  4. You dont need a task killer, or stop the apps from "starting". Again, they arent running, they are just cached. They are NOT using any battery.

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