Stop buttons from turning on the Droid?

  1. merrill77

    merrill77 Well-Known Member

    I can't seem to avoid pressing the volume/camera buttons as I'm taking the Droid out of my pants or jacket pockets. Has anyone found a way to disable this behavior?


  2. Droidian

    Droidian Member

    if you lock it then it shouldn't do anything unless you hit the top button. also if you put the pass string thing on then it won't do anything until you put that string in.
  3. merrill77

    merrill77 Well-Known Member

    Thanks - since I enabled the lock, no more accidental power-ons.
  4. radef

    radef Member

    We're all new to this so I don't feel too dumb asking (although about half dumb)...

    What do you mean by locking the screen? I'm asking because I find it highly annoying that I have to press the power button, then do a swipe from left to right to be able to do anything on the phone. I find it redundant to have to do both. Sounds like maybe one of these steps is the "lock" and I might be able to disable it.

    Any help?
  5. AbeFrohman

    AbeFrohman Member

    I'm with you on the lock screen thing. I just want to be able to press the top button to "unlock" or 'wake up" the phone. NOT BOTH!!
  6. RossLH

    RossLH Active Member

    Every phone I've ever had has required either a button combination or opening the phone in order to unlock it. Just hitting a single button to unlock it would inevitably cause unintended unlocking. I could see if you wanted the phone to unlock upon opening it, but I can just see the single button press to unlock causing a huge annoyance.
  7. AbeFrohman

    AbeFrohman Member


    Use "awake stay" mode and all you need to press is the power button on top to wake the phone. NO MORE SLIDER!!
  8. droidjim

    droidjim Member

    How do you enable/disable the lock?
  9. AbeFrohman

    AbeFrohman Member

    When you have it on "awake stay" mode, with the screen mode widget, just use the top button, volume rocker, or camera button to "wake" the phone and the top button to "put it to sleep".
  10. jessej09

    jessej09 New Member

    Thanks Abe! This is just what the doctor ordered. Though I will say that it took me a moment to realize that you were saying to download an application from the Android Market. I just did and viola my frustration dropped.
  11. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Yeah, this widget is great. I have been emailing the dev today with some tips and a little problem I had. He's very responsive.

    My suggestions to him were:

    1. Make it an app not a widget so its hidden.
    2. Disable the volume and camera keys so that ONLY the top button wakes it up.
    3. Include a password option for those who want some security.
  12. svtpickemup

    svtpickemup Member

    1. It doesn't bother me being a widget because it gives me access to it quickly.
    2. HELL FREAKING YEAH...that's my only complaint.
    3. Why not? Someone may need it....

    But 2 is my biggest gripe. I'd even pay for this widget.

    You say he's been responsive. Any idea when an update may come?
  13. carlt4

    carlt4 New Member

    It looks like he updated it recently to fix the freeze up.

    I'd like to see the camera/volume buttons be disabled as well. Perhaps make that configurable. I like the way I don't have to fumble around for the little power button, and just hit the bigger buttons, but this is a drawback for when it's in my pocket.

    Is there a way to disable the volume/camera buttons globally?
  14. mkreitz

    mkreitz Member

    I second the request to disable the volume and camera buttons. Love the app as a widget and use it all the time when in the car especially. I am not a fan of fumbling around with buttons/swipes/etc while driving and this app was exactly what I needed.
  15. gsontag

    gsontag Member

    I like being able to use the camera button, but the volume button is a problem. when i press the volume button to wake it up i usually end up turning the volume up which actually negates having the phone on silent!
  16. beadlam

    beadlam Member

    I agree with the problem with the volume and camera buttons - would love to be able to turn those off and only use the top button. I'm always hitting the volume button and never know what my volume is going to be unless I hit it again to get it back where I want it. Would love an update for this!

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