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  1. smurph1

    smurph1 Well-Known Member

    For my father who has a Wildfire S (I used to), how do I stop it trying to link some contacts, some of whom are totally unrelated and not similar!?!?

    This is VERY annoying and unwanted, and SHOULD be optable outof, as when it does the link, it "hides" one of them behind the other, so that it is hidden from the People list.

  2. senthamil

    senthamil Well-Known Member

    If you go to settings -> Accounts &sync, you can see the sync details under 'Manage Accounts'.

    Uncheck the 'Contacts' button ifyou don't need. Ex: Facebook 'contacts' will be linked if it is selected.

    Or simply press 'people' -> 'menu' and select 'view'. You can see all the contact list from where it is synced. You can also remove from there. :)

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