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Stop Loading Mobile Websites!Support

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  1. charlie310

    charlie310 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone figured out a way to have the Captivate default browser not load mobile pages? I didn't fork out all this extra money to load websites in the same format as my old flip phone. It really stupid.

  2. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    Almost all web pages have a switch to classic or standard button at the bottom of the page. Although I've encountered a couple websites that didn't...I can't remember their names but I remember it pissing me off. To answer your question the default browser cannot do that, there is nothing to figuring it out, it flat out doesn't have that option...unless you hack or something. I'm with you though I wish it did!
  3. BigCat8

    BigCat8 Well-Known Member

    I believe Dolphin HD will allow you to set desktop mode as the default, though in my use it didn't work on certain pages (namely ESPN.com). That may have just been a glitch, so it's worth looking into.

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