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  1. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    Guys - how do I stop/cancel my S2 getting OTA updates? It doesn't install anyway, and I don't want them, but despite googling it and thinking I'd get an instant answer, can't find out how to stop them? Every single day it bugs me to install the update!


  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    One has to be rooted to use this app I'm afraid.

    If you are running ICS firmware, DekHog, you can disable updates as follows:-

    Settings > About phone > Software update > Auto update (uncheck)

    If I remember correctly, there is a similar feature in Gingerbread but it has been so long since I used Gingerbread that I cannot remember.
  4. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    Thanks guys - it's on rooted XWLP7 so I can use either method - cheers for saving my sanity.... :thumbup:
  5. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    Bugga, have turned off updates but icon still in notification bar and still prompting me daily..... I think it's actually downloaded the update it wants to install, hence the constant prompting - don't know how I'd get rid of this?
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Have a look in your Download file and see if there is a ruddy great, downloaded file in there. :)
  7. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    Nothing in the download folders I can find. I've got 'Download' and 'RN-Download' in phone memory, and my own Download folder on the SD...... using Root Explorer so not short of places to look! Maybe someone will know which temp folder they get downloaded to..... thanks for your suggestion.
  8. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Worth a try! :rolleyes:
  9. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Since you're on ics you should be able to disable the software update app in application manager.
  10. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    Thanks - did a force stop on software update in the Applications > All list, and the notification bar icon has vanished. Hopefully that's it fixed for good. :D
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  11. ohmster

    ohmster Member

    Oh man, I am a new user and cannot post images or links yet. But I did stop the updates, my tab is rooted, with Titanium Backup. I froze the "Software update v3_1205_3_2(2)" in Titanium Backup. Previously I froze "Software update 1.0" but this did not stop the nag screen. Since you had luck stopping the updates in the Applications Manager, I think that freezing it will stop it for good, until I can find out what this update is, will it stop root, and how to re-root once done. Hope this helps!
  12. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    I had to end up freezing the updates with Titanium as well - it wouldn't install anyway, so it was pointless. Probably couldn't install due to the phone being rooted, but who knows..... I'm quite happy with what I have, so don't want updates anyway unless it's offering me something amazing.... :)
  13. ohmster

    ohmster Member

    I know, hog. When you said you did a force stop, I knew that would not disable it, only would shut it down for the current session. There is a "Disable" button in the app manager that might work, but I have a rooted tab with Titanium and that is something I know will work, I just needed to know "what" to freeze, your answer gave it to me. So I wanted to give you a heads up on what to do, your method was only temporary.

    Since freezing the updater, I have not gotten anymore nag screens and it has been over the maximum sleep of 3 hours already. I am not sure what this update is, I did hear it was minor, system stuff, no real features added. Jellybean would be a big deal and I want it, but only after someone else does it and gives a good rootkeeper or re-root procedure that is known to work.

    I need a good home forum for this gadget. droidxforums has been the best forum ever, but they do not do tabs. The help I have gotten there is phenomenal, but I need a new tab home. Tried Samsung Galaxy Tab - Galaxy Tab2 Forum and do not even waste your time, they do not answer questions or help much at all. That is why I am here. Also trying out Android Forums & Windows Phone Discussion @ xda-developers because they are really, really good and if they take me in and help, that would be a good place to go. Already a member.

    Wow, this is letting me post links, let me try to show frozen app to you.

    Updater frozen with Titanium Backup for Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

    See if it works. Thanks for finding the issue Hog. Good luck to you.

    Oh, the Jellybean update is the next major release of Android. That is an update we both want but I do not believe this is it. I was afraid of Ice Cream Sandwich until I found a for sure way of rooting it again. I went for it on my Droid Razr Maxx and it blew me away. At first confusing because there was a lot of differences, but holy cow, this just brought new life into my phone and I cannot live without it. Now I can stack shortcuts on top of shortcuts in drawers now, could not do that on Gingerbread, that alone was worth it. Besides, now I found a free app called "WiFi Tether for Root Users". Verizon charges an extra $20 a month to do this, I found a $5 app that would let me do it for free with a USB cable. This new app lets me tap the screen and have an instant WiFi G4 hotspot on my phone and Verizon does not know about it or stop me from doing it or charging me for it. Couple that with unlimited data and you have something to crow about.

    I learned a lot in droidxforums so I need a new home for my Galaxy Tab 2. Now if only I could find how how to make an avatar here, I would be a bit more happy.

    Good luck Hog.

    P.S. You got your first "Thanks" from me for showing me where to go to stop the OTA nag. If it were not for you finding the app to freeze, I would still be staring at that darned nag screen every 3 hours.

  14. ohmster

    ohmster Member

    I don't think that rooting would stop it from updating, my experience has been that taking the OTA update will install, but kiss root goodbye and if you have a locked down device like from Verizon, you have to wait for a developer to find an exploit that was overlooked to gain root back.

    • Once you go root, you cannot ever OTA update again or you will lose root. Always wait for the update to be released and tested for root, then find a tested ROM to download and install the update yourself, then root again if necessary. Always wait for the update to be repacked and tested.
    • Download and install the update yourself.
    • Root again if necessary from the root procedure designed for the updated version you now have.
    • Bottom line is do not update until the above criteria have been met.
  15. DekHog

    DekHog Member

    Thanks, ohmster - I've just picked up a Tab 8.9 so now need to know what's available for it as well. Stock ROM isn't too clever and the update they (apparently) keep promising hasn't happened..... :)

    P.S Why can't you make an avatar??
  16. ohmster

    ohmster Member


    I could not find where to make the avatar, I found it and it is done now.

    Dude, I am new with tablets like you but I have a lot of experience going through this stuff with first my Droid X and then my Droid Razr Maxx. That is how I know what advice to give you. As far as which ROM to use, I don't know. I generally prefer stock ROMs that come with the unit, as long as Android is updated to the most current major release. Like going from Android 3.3.3 (Gingerbread) to Android 4.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich or "ICS"). The wireless devices like phones with a carrier like Verizon have a stock ROM callled "Blur". That is the Motorola/Verizon ROM that comes with the phone or via updates. This ROM is optimized not only for the device, but to take advantage of features offered by the carrier as well. e.g.: some carriers will allow pictures and audio to be sent via text message, some do not as it is not really supported by the text message protocol.

    On one of my rooting adventures, I clicked "check for updates" in the system settings and mistakenly accepted the download. Before I realized what I was doing, I installed the update, thinking it would improve things. It didn't do much because it was a minor update, not a new version like going from 3 to 4. But it did take away my root. Since carrier devices like Motorola/Verizon lock down the system and make it very difficult to gain root on the system, one has to rely on a developer to search through the operating system (Stripped down version of Linux) and find an exploit. A place where Motorola or Verizon did not lock down some area of the system permissions sufficiently to allow one to hook the phone to a PC with a USB cable and run software that will place a small program that will run on the phone (Called a Daemon) and this program will have administrator privileges and unlock the appropriate file system area, copy the su binaries over, and then install and run them. The phone has to reboot about 3 times during the process. Once complete, your phone is now rooted.

    Samsung is a little more "root friendly" than Motorola/Verizon, although anyone who roots their phone technically voids their warranty on the device, if they check for and enforce this rule, should you now need warranty service on the device.

    The time I took the OTA update and lost root, I made a big mistake. That update was so new that any exploit to gain root on the device was yet to be discovered. The only option open to me was to download and install a new ROM that could be rooted easily, but then I would have to keep the new ROM or switch to one that would allow the root. (There was a way for me to eventually get back to my original stock ROM, rooted, but it was a very long, very complex procedure that could easily "brick" my phone, rendering it unable to boot or ever run again. I decided it was not worth the risk.) For my device, it was called "Milestone X" instead of "Droid X", which is the Verizon branded version of the generic, European ROM for that model cellphone. If I did not get the exact right ROM, I would lose the "radio" in the phone, rendering it useless as a cellphone or internet device, but make a pretty cool PDA. NOT acceptable. Milestone X was the stock ROM for the phone with the correct radio specs to allow it to be activated again as a Verizon cellphone device. Once I installed the new ROM, I was presented with the setup device screen all over again and easily activated the phone with Verizon.

    Everything was the same as far as I could tell. The screen and all the layout was the same, except it now said "Milestone X" on the screen and boot screen instead of "Droid X". And one more thing, there was NO Verizon bloatware or applications on the phone that I could not get rid of like Verizon Navigator, same thing as Google Maps with Navigator, except that you have to pay $3 per use or have it put on your bill as an added service. I could live without that so I was happy...

    In one or two days, something was definitely NOT cool that showed up. When I was using the stock blur ROM from Motorola/Verizon, my phone would charge all night and could stay on for days at a time. After the new Milestone X ROM was installed, it ate batteries like Ritz crackers. By 3 or 4:00 in the afternoon, the battery icon was orange and the phone was now near dead. The new ROM was not optimized for the device like the stock Verizon ROM was so battery life went down the toilet.

    The situation fixed itself because I accidentally spilled a tiny bit of water on the phone, the camera iris locked shut, and the power switch no longer worked. I had insurance and got a new phone, by paying the $100 deductable. This time I learned my lesson, rooted my phone, and turned off by "freezing" the updater on my phone with Titanium Backup. I now have the responsibility to check for updates on web boards like this, make sure they are worth installing and that there is a proven rooting method for this new update before I do it.

    So Hog, the best advice that I can personally give you at this time is to explore the stock ROM, learn it well, see what about it you like or dislike, and then start looking at ROMs recommended for the exact model of your tablet, talk about it with others who are using it on a good tab forum, and if you want to try it, download and install the ROM. BUT, before you dare do anything like that, make a full system ROM backup with something like Clockworkmod ROM manager and make sure it works! Then, if you do not like the new ROM, it will be easy to just "go back". Otherwise you will be stuck with something you might hate and will have no recourse from the manufacturer, even if the device is still under warranty. Rooting or installing a different ROM will void the manufacturer's warranty.

    I like the stock ROM that comes with my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Android 4 or "ICS" rocks man and I do not want to give it up to make my device look like "an iPad". if I wanted an iPad, I would have bought an iPad, I wanted an android so I bought one. But there are other ROMs that are very cool and very customizable, they take some getting used to and almost all of them will leave the device less than 100% functional. After installing the new ROM, some of the camera features may no longer work or some other feature is no longer accessible because they have not figured out a way to make it work in the new ROM. You have to really read up on the ROM you select before jumping in, willy-nilly.

    If you look at my handle here, you can easily tell that I am a newbie on this forum. Many of the moderators or veterans will be able to give you much more help with selecting the appropriate ROM than I will be able to do at this time. If you do not get the answers you need on this forum, try another one until you get the kind of help you need. I am currently testing out 3 or 4 forums until I can find the ones that are good for me like I had at droidxforums. Some of these forum websites are really not that good with expert developers who are members and are willing and able to freely give good advice and/or software and how-to posts which are the life blood of these kinds of web forums. Android Forums & Windows Phone Discussion @ xda-developers is a very good site for expert advice and that is one where I am a member, I know they have great experts there, but what kind of tablet advice is available I am still exploring. I also have a membership at Samsung Galaxy Tab - Galaxy Tab2 Forum but I have yet to have any question answered, nor do I see plenty of really good help to the general membership available. Either they are stuck up and cliquey over there, or they just do not know much. I doubt that I will keep that membership very long.

    Last thing, if someone really helps you and you want to say thanks, there is a button for it, right down where you click to Reply or Quote that says, "Thanks". Use it when you feel someone really helped you. Even though you are a relatively new member, you helped me with a question of where are the downloaded OTA updates hidden so that I can stop the nag screen, so you have earned my thanks. Even new members get praise, all it takes is participation.


    Hope this helps. Take care man.
  17. ohmster

    ohmster Member

    Like I said about updates, once you root, you never take OTA updates and disable that "feature" as quickly as possible. Now you only take updates that make a difference like fix bugs on the system, add new features, or most important, upgrade the OS to the next level. For us, that would be Android 5 or "Jellybean". But, make sure you will be able to keep root or reinstall it again before you do it or it will be lost and you will find that many of the coolest things you can do are now out of reach.

    Besides Titanium Backup, adfree, and Clockworkmod ROM manager, Terminal, and the various root file system managers, I like Wireless Tether for Root Users. Verizon charges $20 a month extra to make your cellphone provide a 3 or 4G wireless hotspot for other devices like your tablet or laptop, even your home PC if your internet goes out. You can do this wirelessly or use a USB cable to tether the device to the phone for internet access. It is SO cool to be able to use your tablet in the car and see the navigator work on a bigger screen than your cellphone, not to mention you can now use it anywhere, anytime on the internet. But that twenty bucks a month adds up, every month, whether you use it or not. This app is for rooted phones and provides the wireless access point without the carrier being able to detect it, so you are not billed for it. The app is free. Clockworkmod offers the same app for non-roooted users that requires a USB cable and works very, very well for single fee of $5. You can put that on your phone without having root but you need the wire and you have to pay the 5 bucks after the 13 day trial runs out. It is worth it unless you do have root and can use the wireless one for free.

    So, root is a good thing. Hang on to it if you can.


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