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  1. jonritchie

    jonritchie Member

    I have recently bought an Xperia X8 on the Three network. I've noticed that there are some programs that load on startup that I don't need - Road Sync, Spotify, EMail and the Music Player. Is there a way to prevent these loading on startup - I have installed Startup Manager 2.0 which has helped prevent programs I don't need starting when I turn my phone on, but would like to know if there is any other way to prevent these programs from loading.

    Surely Sony Ericsson should give users a choice as to whether programs they have installed by default, and not needed by every user, such as Road Sync can be stopped from loading on startup

    Many thanks

  2. Lupajz

    Lupajz Well-Known Member

    Why dont you just delete them ? :) Like from /system/apps folder :)
  3. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

  4. jonritchie

    jonritchie Member

    Unfortunately Spotify and Road Sync are not in the Applications section of the Settings app, and there is no option to delete them. Guess I'll just have to live with them on my phone.

    Also I have an Apple Mac so I guess that makes rooting the phone more difficult.

    But thanks for all your help, and if anyone has any other ideas, do feel free to let me know.

    Many thanks
  5. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    download Startup Cleaner 2.0 from the market. It lets you select apps that you don't want to run during startup. i used it and my phone now starts up pretty quickly than before!

    btw, this is a FREE APP! ;)
  6. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    I use autostarts, it's WAY BETTER than Startup Cleaner because SC kills the process after it starts just like a task killer. Autostarts disables the call to the process so it never starts. Unfortulately for you it needs root. :)
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  7. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    coman, i need to create the script to run in the I don't know how and i don't know what to put there! :(:( .....maybe you could post a tutorial? thanks thanks!
  8. suhel28

    suhel28 Well-Known Member

    Vince he is talking about autostarts not autostart

    Both are different application
  9. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    God, im so d_mb!!!! but i cant find "autostarts" in the market? where can i get it?
  10. coman_nick

    coman_nick Well-Known Member

    Try different markets ;)
  11. gjlistener

    gjlistener New Member

    Whenever i reboot the default music player starts . I used it briefly to see how well it works now i cant get rid of it .

    Why would anyone want music to start as soon as phone is rebooted ? Sometimes i think developers forget ordinary people have fingers and brains and can choose for themselves

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