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Stop the annoying battery full message. Here is how.Tips

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  1. SamsungVibrant

    SamsungVibrant Well-Known Member

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  2. w_bovine

    w_bovine Well-Known Member

    Hey now...I just might be inclined to give this a try. Thanks for posting it.

    EDIT: after reading the xda forums I'm a bit skeptical. Go ahead and try it and let us know how it works out! :D
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    This sounds promising, but I have a feeling that it either overwrites or delete a system file, which is always risky.
  4. Terrier Hockey

    Terrier Hockey Well-Known Member

    In the latest update the pop up has been replaced by an ongoing notification so it doesn't wake the screen.
  5. peteheller

    peteheller New Member

    Settings / Sounds / scroll to bottom -- uncheck battery full notification

    that's all there is to it.

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