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  1. dan13l

    dan13l Member

    I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to disable the very annoying camera clicking sound. The default system camera makes a very disturbing noise as im sure everyone with a Mmx A57 is aware of.
    So if anyone knows how to get rid of this sound, that would be awesome.
    please let me know if you can help.


  2. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member

    If your phone is rooted you can delete the shutter sound file If not then the only option is to use another camera app that has that feature.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    MICROMAX a57 facebok group
  3. aKp1

    aKp1 Well-Known Member

    Use CameraZoom FX or Camera360 easily available from the Play Store!!
  4. dan13l

    dan13l Member

    thanks for the advices guys, but i went to "/system/media/audio/ui" folder and renamed the camera_click.ogg file.
    I dint really want any sound for the click, and this is easiest as i dint have to install any app.
    Thanks though.
  5. Bansuk

    Bansuk New Member

    which software cn we used to delete...I hav file maneger+ root.
    .its nt working
  6. androidap

    androidap New Member

    i cant rename it ... . !!
    help it out
  7. akg7

    akg7 Member

    "Operation Failed!!!...":confused:

    Av u rooted ur mmx a57???

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