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  1. merlinS2

    merlinS2 Member

    Hi, the message alert the other half has on his phone is quite long. If he tries to turn it off using the home key (as it's getting annoying) it doesn't stop even if the screen is unlocked. The tone is a media file which was downloaded, not a dedicated ring tone. It's driving him mad, as he could do it on his iphone. It took me ages to convince him to dump his iphone, now he's regretting the samsung :mad:
    Is there anyway to stop a notification mid ring? I thought my S2 stopped a text tone with the menu key, but it doesnt. Did I imagine it, or was that before Jelly Bean?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Shorten or change the sound instead of searching for nonexistent features. Text sounds are supposed to be short tones and not songs.
  3. bmcelvan

    bmcelvan New Member

    That's your answer...LOSE FUNCTIONALITY!! I have this problem too and I don't want a short quiet tone. When I am walking to my car (a 15 minute walk) or in a busy area I WANT TO HEAR THE NOTIFICATION!!! But I also want to be able to turn it off mid ring if I am in a quieter area. It works perfectly fine for event notifications in the calendar, it goes off and I hit a button like snooze and it turns off immediately...whether in locked mode or unlocked mode.

    Does anyone know how o do this as it's been a function of nearly every phone I've ever used including my previous Samsung phones.

    The person above says he's regretting switching to the Samsung from the iPhone and you respond by saying...DON'T DO THAT???? Seriously, nothing will make him and others like me to go back to the iphone quicker than by that kind of response!!!
  4. MYKEL61

    MYKEL61 Well-Known Member

    WOW... He tired to offer a solution.. sorry its not the one you like.. but really??????? This board has been nothing but helpful. I am offended by your tone to someone trying to be helpful.. Really none of the people trying to help really care what phone you get or have. If the solution doesn't work for you so be it.. not every problem has a quick solution especially if you have altered the original purpose of the function...
  5. bmcelvan

    bmcelvan New Member

    I am sorry if I offended anybody, that was not my purpose...but I was equally offended that someone asking a question was just as bluntly told YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG for something they've been doing for years (at least I have been doing it this way for 13 years and wanted to know the same answer).

    I have a custom ringtone that's 25 seconds long...not a song but this same thing is happening to me. A 1.5 second notification is not going to work when you are, say walking near a street with cars on might need 10-15 seconds to hear it.

    Again, I apologize if I offended anybody, I was just trying to point out that telling people "searching for non existent features" is offensive to people who have been using this feature for years...
  6. MYKEL61

    MYKEL61 Well-Known Member

    No problem.. Have a good one!
  7. bmcelvan

    bmcelvan New Member

    Could very well be I'm a bit pissed currently because I was in the library and had a phone going off that normally I reach into my pocket push a single button and the phone quiets down. But now, when locked, I have to push and hold the power button until the power down screen comes on, and push the mute button. I'll try vibrate but don't usually feel that when in my pocket and moving about.

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