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  1. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    I'm a bit confused by the storage on my Galaxy w.

    I move apps to my sd card (16gb) and it ends up on what seems to be an internal drive of about 2gb.

    What's going on!

  2. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Are you using Stock ROM?

    How have you moved Apps, with native Android Apps2SD or with App from Market, App2SD?

    Can you install Storage Analyser, free from Market....it is good showing where Apps actually are!!

    If you are using Custom Rom, or Mount-point swap, it is important to know i.e. it is possible to mount External SD as Internal, and then Internal SD becomes External.....and that is where Apps get moved...

    this is done in system file /etc/vold.fstab

    but, not for the feint-hearted!!!!
  3. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    I'm not actually rooted, would it help if I were?
  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

  5. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    I'm sacred of rooting! :eek:
  6. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

  7. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Rooting using Stock Recovery seems to work on all FW and Regions, so I would use that.....

    THE-E guide I linked above is very good and clear, also has the zip to flash via Recovery, and how to get into Stock Recovery.....

    Eazy peezy....

    then you own your phone, you should also install Busybox Installer, free from Market, as it has enhanced Commands needed for some Scripts and Apps.

    When Rooted, your options regarding Apps, etc are so much wider.......

    But just the normal warning!!!!

    I am not responsible for anything you do with your phone.....you decide!!!!!

    Also, you may void your Warranty by rooting......

    but, there is Unroot tool.......
  8. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    Ok cool, I've plucked up the courage and rooted it!

    So, it seems to have worked at, least I've managed to get rid of some of the bloatware!

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