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  1. lethal1

    lethal1 Member

    Hi, There appears to be a number of threads around this forum about storage issues, however none disaplying the issue I seek clarification on.
    I have a new HTC Explorer A310b (sourced exclusively by vodafone in australia..this point becomes an issue a little later), rather than the A310e. Both models being unlocked versions.
    These models were released only in June 2012 (I believe)

    I have very little on the sd memory card, however the internal storage is almost full. To this end it will not install anything further, as (as confirmed by htc) everytrhing is stored on the internal memory at least initially, and then 'may' be moved.
    HTC have advised that I should see an option 'move to sd/memory card' in the manage apps area for ones that can be moved to the card.
    This has not and does not appear once.
    I clearly need to find a way to install anything new or changed to the sd card, does anyone know a way to facilitate this.
    The vodafone apps are not large, they are all on the internal stroage and make up the system files....so in the main cannot be moved.

    My other phone is a also an unlocked htc, but this one is a desire hd, which I have not had the same issue with (needing to move stuff to the card, or having a near full internal memory).

    A bit perplexed over this especially being such a new model handset.
    Any advise or direction (or clarification request), would be welcome.



  2. tilakraj

    tilakraj New Member


    I am using Htc Explorer phone. Past few days itself i am facing serious memory issue in my phone.I am having an 12 Mb free space in internal memory but if i try to install 400 kb app in my phone it's shows an error message "Insufficient storage available".

    Please help me to solve this issue.
  3. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Normally when storage gets this low it restricts any apps no matter the size from being installed.

    Have you moved the apps to sd card that are capable?
  4. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

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  5. DanceOff

    DanceOff Active Member

    Use ungaze script :)
  6. lethal1

    lethal1 Member

    Hi Guys, as mentioned above I followed the sdk-tools instriuctions to 'the letter' a couple of weeks back, and most updates etc were downloading to the sd card (dropbox being a notable exception). Howevber again now I have a constant reminder that again the internal memory is low (symbol appears in notification bar and some widgets in this bar have disappeared...like 'battery').
    Would it be neccessary to run this tool again, or is there a second way to free up some memory?
    I have cleared the cache (a number of times) and moved all available and listed apps to the sd card.
    Appreciate any further advise.

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