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  1. Ohkaty

    Ohkaty Member

    Yes I have read the FAQs and I don't understand what factor reset is? If I do that will my old texts be deleted as well? (Considering the texts I have on locked) And if I backup my apps onto some app will it keep my converstation from before still there?

    I apologize for my lack of technical knowledge but this is just really frustrating me. I already moved apps to sd. and I only have 4 apps left. -__-

    Pleaseplasepaleasee If you know how to fix this solution please leave a simple step by step I can follow! Thanks so very much.

  2. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    So I guess you know the problem with the stock ROM and the damn ever growing log files...

    I would suggest rooting at minimum and if not installing a custom ROM, at least you could more easily deal with the problem on the stock ROM, without doing a factory reset

    There are ways to back up your texts and crap but I -think- they all require root permission.
  3. Ohkaty

    Ohkaty Member

    What exactly does rooting your phone do? I know someone said it somewhat allows you to access stuff, but I don't understand how? How will you know what to delete and what not to do? And I don't know what ROM is, but I am assuming it has something to do with the continued loss of storage on my phone.

    One question! If you backup your phone onto an app. And you do a reset factory doesn't that app get deleted as well?
  4. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    to put it in computer term so you can better understand rooting ur phone is like login into the computer as ADMINISTRATOR and not just as a regular USER that will have limitation like installing programs moving files etc. when your phone is not rooted is like login in as a regular USER if your phone is root ed is like login into your phone as a ADMISTRATOR which will give you acces to anything and everything since your not ROOTed you dont have access to much or permissions to make changes.......a ROM is like a version of XP for windows PC(or windows 7 or what not)which can be install into your phone if you dont want the stock version on the ROM(by stock i mean the version that it already came with) for example say your phone is on WINDOWS XP right now (well more like windows 98 if you know what i mean ppl lol) that will be the stock ROM and by changing it to a custom ROM will be like installing WINDOWS 7 idk if that helps is pretty much like changing a PC(your phone) from XP(stock ROM) to Windows 7(custom ROM) is the same PC but your just upgrading/changing to another OS (ROM) .....i have never even used the stock ROM so cant help you much with that internal storage problem cuz i never had it :D but sounds like you ran out of space due to all the bloatware(stock apps like tweetroy and all that non sence apps that came with the phone)that is install and is taking up space and you cant uninstall all that bloatware because your not ROOTed so you have no permissions to do it

    when you use any app to back up stuff and you factory reset yes it will get deleted but only the app it self all the files and stuff that you backed up will be safe to your SD CARD so you can just download the app again and run it and all your files will be store on your SDCARD
  5. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    i never seen this problem on a triumph but have seen it on the OV plenty of time i wonder if the same fix can be applied to the Triumph that fixes the OV but then again no need for all that work you can just install a custom ROM right .....

    yes ROOTin will be an option but the best solution on the long run will be to install a Custom ROM but also think about how far you willing to go to ROOT is very siimple and extremely easy but installing a custom ROM will be a bit more difficult if you do not know atleast some basics but if you follow a good guide and READ EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP then you should be fine

    to back up txt and call logs you dont need to be ROOTed but for apps im pretty sure you do (besides it will need to be ROOTED in order to fix it either way so not realy an issie )
  6. Ohkaty

    Ohkaty Member

    OOHH thank you soo much for clearing that up!! So how do you root a device? I heard the ROM I have is what is continueing to take up so much of my storage space, so how should i fix that? Because right now I only have 4 apps downloaded.. and 3 of them are already on my sd card. So I know it's not apps that are taking up all the space. So any suggestions on how to root and what to delete? THAANKS! :)
  7. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Read the all things root thread, this is by far the easiest phone on the planet to root, actually it's pretty much factory rooted all you really need to do is push the su binary., you have so few apps installed you don't have to worry about backing them up, there are free apps on the market for backing up your text messages to your sd card. Any apps that you downloaded or paid for as well as your contacts are already backed up with Google. And the problem with doing a factory reset to fix the problem is that it's temporary, the alog files will regenerate and consume your space all over again.
  8. anonymous420

    anonymous420 Well-Known Member

    NP i bolive in for the ppl by the ppl USERS are a terrible thing Systems would be infinitely more stable without them :D and yes like stated above
    so a permanent fix will be to install a custom ROM which requires multiple steps and can be a bit difficult if you not familiar with the process

    so if you looking to ROOT the easyest way will be to use GingerBreak here is the link to the guide
    now the easyest way to backup stuff will be first for ur txt msgs use this app search on play store or click this link from your phones browser by loading this site on it
    for your call log(recent calls dialed all that) if you want to back it up if not then skip it
    just install run and select BACKUP onces you factory reset download again and select RESTORE(that goes for both APPS)To back up contacs just go to 'accounts & sync' under manage accounts make sure to remenber/write your account name and offcourse know ur password select your account and slect "sync Contacs' wait till is done the lil icon on the status bar should be display to know is syncing and then for your apps since you said you only have 7 you can just download then again of the play store just remenber/write which apps you already have

    also i think your smart :D if you think your brave enough to install a custom ROM here is a guide you can just read it COMPLETELY and see if you think you can do it

    if you decide to install a custom ROM and need help on picking a custom ROM just ask
  9. Ohkaty

    Ohkaty Member

    So what if I have a texting app like whatsapp and I also want to save that conversation, do those backup apps work with that too? :)
  10. g60madman

    g60madman Well-Known Member Developer

    Titanium should take care of the app and the settings.
  11. Ohkaty

    Ohkaty Member

    Okay so I just rooted my phone and got that app, but what can I do to free up some space now? I have deleted some useless default apps I never use, but I still have low storage space :(

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