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  1. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    I am using Note Everything (non-Pro) and wish to store the notes on my sd card.

    However I cannot see where they are stored and how to move them to my sd card.

    Any advice please?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Does the non-Pro version have a "Backup" option in the menu?

    With Pro you can back up your notes to SD, and set a schedule for automated backups (mine happens at 9pm each day). But I can't remember what the non-Pro version did or didn't do.

    The actual notes are going to be in /data/data/ But if you were to move that file all it would mean is that the app couldn't find them. It's better to just get the app to back them up to SD.
  3. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    Thank you but my Desire does not seem the same.


    folder shows "(Directory is empty)"

    I agree the notes must be somewhere but I cannot find them. They are in Main Folder where ever that is?

    Buying Pro version to see what that does.
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Mine is rather modified, so browsing /data directly is probably one of the things you can't do out of the box - been so long that I tend to forget what the restrictions were.

    I assure you that the /data directory does exist and has the stuff in it - that partition is what appears as "internal storage" to the user.
  5. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    I am sure you are right as the data has to be there somewhere; as mine is not rooted it is probably hidden.

    Now downloaded the Pro version; message says must keep free version as Pro is only an addon to free?
  6. Usta

    Usta Well-Known Member

    Mine are stored in sdcard/noteverything/ folder.
    If it is a text note, then the path is sdcard/noteverything/text
    If it is a drawing note, then the path is sdcard/noteverything/paintings
    If it is a voice note, then the path is sdcard/noteverything/voices
    You also have the backup folder there for all the content.
  7. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Interesting - I have all of those folders, but only Backup has anything in it.

    If there's an option to save to SD, it's well hidden (I'm usually not too bad at finding settings).
  8. Adrian747

    Adrian747 New Member

    Moving Notes from a Windows computer to Note Everything Pro.

    Usse "Save As" to save the file on the computer as an ASCII (DOS) TEXT .txt file.
    Close the file. (You can't copy it to the phone if it's still in use).
    Plug the phone into the computer & the Windows Explorer box pops up.
    Navigate to the "Phone"\Card directory (eg "GT-N7100\Card" for the Note 2).
    Make a directory called Notes
    Copy the .txt file on the computer to this directory on the Card using Windows Explorer.
    On your phone: - Open Note Everything: Close any open notes.
    Press the menu button on your phone to get to the Note Everything menu.
    Select: More - Import - from SD card - parent directory - extSdCard - Notes - select & press 'Pick'.
    Look in Note Everything for the new note.

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