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  1. katrais

    katrais Member

    All i wanna know is how to go from stormdroid 1.2.1 to the latest version of velocity, and how to use ROM manager to switch between the two. Oh, and if i update stormdroid to the Dalvik2cache, do i have to wipe everything? thanks in advance

  2. Idunno

    Idunno Well-Known Member

    Going to Velocity is easy enough, load it onto the root of your SD card, boot into recovery, wipe cache/data/dalvik and flash. I've never been a huge fan of ROM Manager except for the nice recovery flashing tool, so if you want to switch back and forth i'm not much help.

  3. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    I would second the idea to not use rom manager to switch roms. Use recovery to do it, it is very easy once you do it a few times. I dont think it "switches between" roms like you are thinking. It is more like just a supposedly easier way to install them than switching between installed ones.

    I would just get the rom set up with all of you apps and settings, and make a nandroid backup of it in recovery. wipe the items Idunno mentioned, and install the second rom and all apps. make a nandroid of that too. Then when you want to switch back and forth just wipe and load the appropriate nandroid backup. It is basically having two different OS'es though so if you install an app you will lose it when you recover your other nandroid.

    I think that there is an app called Boot manager that some have used that will allow you to have two installed roms at once, but it isnt free and I havent tried it. I think a few of the Devs here have used it though.

    second link on first post is SD with the patch already applied.
  4. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Well-Known Member Developer

    Boot Manager is great. I have used it, as have the rest of the StormDroid team. Sora1995 has special thanks in the app, and it is great for switching between ROMS. Highly recommended.
    For a free alternative, mak nandroids and it's prett quick to switch between those.
  5. katrais

    katrais Member

    thanks i'll look into boot manager then. Oh while im here, when i flashed velocity everything worked nice and smooth, but my phone wont vibrate. my motors fine because when i turn the volume to vibrate it vibrates. When i get messages and notifications it doesnt. any ideas?
  6. Idunno

    Idunno Well-Known Member

    I think its in the settings somewhere, you have to enable vibrate on notification... that's not what its called but im pretty sure something like that is in there somewhere.

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