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  1. fxds1994

    fxds1994 New Member

    I bought a Straight Talk ZTE Z990G Merit Android
    Last October. Things seemed to be fine but lately
    I have been getting warnings that the internal storage space is
    low. Apparently the majority of the apps I download goes to the phones internal storage, and not
    not onto the SD card.

    I'm even getting a warning that my message storage is running out
    of space too. So I have to delete all of my text messages to get
    the warning to go away, and even then it will still show the warning, so I will have to shut the phone off and turn it back on so that the message will go away.

    I have installed some apps but I had to uninstall them.
    Whatever I try to download now won't install because
    There is not enough internal space on the phone.
    I bought a 32 gig sd card but that didn't help at all.
    I read some stories earlier about rooting the phone.
    Can anyone help me please?
    Thank you

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  3. fxds1994

    fxds1994 New Member

    Thank you so much. I will give these ideas you gave me a try. I hope I can resolve the problem without having to use a computer. Thank you again.
  4. fxds1994

    fxds1994 New Member

    I have looked over the link you provided to me back in February, but I can't make any sense out of all of it. I am a computer novice at best, if that. I have tried the methods that don't require using a computer but I have had 0 success. there has got to be a way for a common person that doesn't have a college degree in computer science to root their phone so that they can have control over their own property.

    I'll keep searching because I refuse to give in. :)

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