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  1. Ziggy101

    Ziggy101 Member

    Just a discussion to start here. My friend uses straight talk and where she lives like in the middle of nowhere and straight talk is the only phone carrier with decent service out here. So she wants a high end android but the question are exactly what phones can be unlocked and be used on straight talk?

  2. Digital Controller

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    Hey there Ziggy101, it totally depends on the phone, personally i would go with the Galaxy Nexus from google, completely unlocked for 350$ it is a really good phone too.

    Google Galaxy Nexus (Completely Unlocked)

    However you might want to wait until the releases of the next Nexus line device as it might push the price of this one down.
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  3. Ziggy101

    Ziggy101 Member

    Thank you much. I too suggested the Nexus but my friend insisted that it may not work on straight talk so I thought I would come and get the best advice of the android community. She wants to go overboard and buy the new Galaxy Note 2 which I think is too much. I got her to plan on getting the Nexus now so thanks.

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