Straight Talk S2 root guide?

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  1. NY Yankees 23

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    (I posted this in the regular S2 thread with NO responses. Hoping maybe someone will respond here. Sorry if this breaks forum rules etc etc.)

    I saw THIS about rooting the Straight Talk S2 but it is beyond confusing. Theres well over 100 pages of posts and I know the first page isnt the way to do it anymore, not that it matters cause that post was written so sloppy its ridiculous. I was wondering if someone cant point me to the CORRECT, simplified for dummies if possible, way to root this thing. I cant believe theres no YouTube video on this. Someone needs to make one. I really only want JellyBean and a some apps that requires the phone to be rooted. I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank You!

    ST S2 model is SGH-S959G

  2. MPbn80

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