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Straight Talk?General

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  1. kegerino

    kegerino Member

    Anybody putting / considering a moto-x on straight talk or similar carrier? Curious about this as I'm thinking about alternatives to Verizon.

  2. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    Just do att go phone. You'll get LTE too.
    If you have T-Mobile service you might as well do their 30 a month plan. You can't get AT&T Sims from them anymore.
  3. kegerino

    kegerino Member

    Just looked around St site, and it says you can get att standard and micro sims. No mention of nano sims, but I would think you could eventually. I think they sell the ip5, so it might be possible now?

    Tmo coverage is too sparse right now for my consideration.
  4. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    Oh woahhh!!!

    You can get StraightTalk sims for ATT again. That's actually pretty legit.

    Honestly though, for 2Gbs of LTE data 60/month isn't too bad.
  5. kegerino

    kegerino Member

    I'm not sure that info is legit or not. Just read it on their mobile site. I've been burned by reality before...
  6. ohwell

    ohwell Member

    I just started using GoPhone. I typically use about 1.5gb per month so the $60 plan works well for me.
  7. GearheadGeek

    GearheadGeek Member

    StraightTalk has never updated their website copy, but they did update their actual SIM order page. You cannot get AT&T SIMs from them, or at least you could not a month ago when I set up my mom's service and today if you go to the SIM card page you can only choose between "unlocked" and "t-mobile". You can't get a micro-SIM for them either, I had to trim Mom's SIM for the Nexus4 I bought her.
  8. GearheadGeek

    GearheadGeek Member

    An option to go-phone for AT&T pre-paid should be available nationwide starting in September, Aio Wireless from AT&T. For $10 more than StraightTalk you get unlimited talk, text and data, the first 2gb at LTE speeds. Probably no nano SIM from them (at least not for a while) but you could get a Micro and trim it.
  9. GearheadGeek

    GearheadGeek Member

    ... And 2 weeks later, not only is StraightTalk selling AT&T sims again, but this time they're LTE sims!

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