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  1. almasbaby

    almasbaby Member

    Hi, i just tried the rooter, then the Odin zipfile by davew41 (to confirm phone was not messed up). When I try to do the root I get error message. Made sure to follow the instructions exactly as mentioned in the readme.

    First go-around:

    Second time (with SD card removed from device):

    Doesn't seem to want to root it. Any advice?

  2. nsomniac

    nsomniac Active Member

    i had the same problem, i posted a link to the page in the all things root section, i dl'd odin and the image that was provided flashed it and BAM rooted... MAKE SURE you reset your phone to factory settings after flashing the image, or you will have ALL kinds of problems... if only i could find a way to get my msl # straight talk says they have no idea what im talking about when i ask for it
  3. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    nsomniac I don't know if it works but on this website there's a converter where you input you MEID (I used Hex) and it gives you both your ESN and MEID and it says MetroPCS MSL. Because of the MetroPCS I am not sure if it gives you your real MSL or if it's just for metropcs phones or what but give it a try and let me know, I would try it but I have no use of my MSL which brings the question, what do you want to do with your msl number?

    The website is this one: android -

    Also, almasbaby, did you get to fix your problem?
  4. PandaBomb

    PandaBomb Active Member

    @ almasbaby, Don't use KMS4.0, it's broken for the Precedent. Use the older one instead. I'll post a link if I can find it, but if you scroll through the 1 click root thread in the Prevail section you can find it.

  5. nsomniac

    nsomniac Active Member

    change my prl to one that allows me to roam on verizon 3g networks
    that's all

    edit: i tried all of that to no avail, i called straight talk, they said it didn't matter because it was physically impossible for me to install third party applications on the phone, i said does it violate the tos, they said no it just wasn't possible to install anything but that obtained from the android market, i told them i was a dev trying out a program, i also called sprint and samsung, sprint said they can't calculate it because of a unique variable for each diff mobile carrier, and samsung said the same... it's lame, and it doesn't show up in the getprop either, i have tried everything i have found on the net for every other phone also, NADA....

    Edit 2: i forgot to say that sprint told me if i went into a sprint store that there was a very good chance that they could unlock it for me, but im pretty sure i would have to grease the wheels somehow for some cocky kid that prob. doesn't know wtf he is even doing when he plugs the phone into the device that reads it.... and that's just lame.
  6. almasbaby

    almasbaby Member

    Thanks for the link!
    but I fixed it earlier. I ran ODIN a 2nd time, did what the instructions said, and it gave me SuperUser + BusyBox when the phone re-booted. Using it now.

    btw I don't recommend the Precedent by Straight Talk. I will give my reasons later....
  7. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    all you need is a prl file and cdma workshop found at cdma-ware . com and you should be able to change it to the prl u want to use. i was reading about this on the prevail forums...
  8. selfmade64856

    selfmade64856 New Member

    Hi Guys! I am having the exact same issue as almasbaby......the only problem now is the broken links to megauploads since it has been shut down. Any new working links available? Thanks All!

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