Strange background image in Calendar app?

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    I'm trying to use the Calendar that comes with Android, on my rooted Nook Simple Touch. But there's something strange going on: on the Month and Week views, there's something on the background on the screen, behind the cells that make up the calendar table. It's the image that the Nook displays when I put in the SD Card (it looks like an SD card, with a tick mark on it). This image appears stretched, covering the upper part of the calendar/week view.

    I don't think there's supposed to be any image on the screen behind the Calendar anyway. And the fact that it's the SD image is even less logical. I'll try to find a way to post a screenshot.

    If there's a bug in the Calendar itself, I'm not afraid to get the source code, fix, compile and upload to the Nook, but I'll need some guidance. I've been coding forever, and working on Linux almost exclusively for the past 3 years. If I can help, I will.

    Can I just reinstall the Calendar app and hope it will go away?

    Edit: I rooted the Nook using these instructions:

  2. camilb

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