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Strange lock-screen issue?General

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  1. jlgs3

    jlgs3 Member

    Folks, I have a strange issue that I can't figure out where to clear it.
    On my lock screen, the weather app is showing a location that I happened to be in over the weekend (and I had looked up the weather).

    IF i look at the weather widget, this location is NOT in the list of locations.
    Any ideas how to get my default Weather widget location to be shown on the lock page?

  2. jlgs3

    jlgs3 Member

    OK, I partially found out what happens -- the lock screen shows the last weather for when you've enabled GPS -- it does NOT seem show the location shown in the widget, but rather the last location where you enabled the weather app to use GPS.

    Any ideas about this? IS there a way to get it to show the main location you've selected in the widget without enabling GPS?

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