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Strange power and home button behaviorSupport

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  1. wlmb

    wlmb New Member

    Long pressing the power button produces a menu with only the power off option; the other options (airplane mode, etc.) dissapeared a few days back. The Home buttons in the keyboard and screen are not working neither for short nor long presses, though they do give haptic feedback when touched. I have a rooted backflip with 2.1 in M

  2. fwuffypaws

    fwuffypaws New Member

    was flight mode on? flight mode disables the SIM card to cancel all communications
  3. wlmb

    wlmb New Member

    Thanks. I can't be sure, as the power button didn't produce the menu with the flight mode option. Anyway, it was a long time ago and I solved the problem by reinstalling the system. I guess that the culprit was links2sd (I was previously unaware that I had flashed a system that already had a2sd) as I did'nt re-install it and the phone has been behaving much better.
  4. fwuffypaws

    fwuffypaws New Member

    well, happy you fixed it :D:D

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