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  1. supertraz

    supertraz Member

    Hi everybody,
    I have a strange problem wkth Vodafone these last 3 days : I travel around Milan and no problem with mail,chat,sms,mms but when I go home net doesn't works anymore !
    I cannot use phone, net, nothing.
    If only I go around 1 miles from my home all start to work again.
    Never happened in my lifetime, I asked Vodafone and they say that there aren't problem in my country.
    This evening ( I'm in Italy) I tried to put the sim card into an old 3310 Nokia phone, and all works, I can phone, sms, it has not net connection but all works properly.
    How can it be ? I thought it was a problem in my zone but with Nokia it works, so what can I do ?
    Thanks a lot

  2. supertraz

    supertraz Member

    I give u some other info to help me if possible.
    It appears always the yellow warning triangle with " no service, selcted network ( not available". I can choose between " vodafone 2g" and " vodafone 3g", as always I use 3g and selecting it appears " simcard doesn't allow connection to this network".
    I have nothing under "APN" , it's empty.

    Any help ? thanks in advance

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