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  1. Mleko87

    Mleko87 Member


    Well i searched and found nothing, hence new post. Hope you will not flame me.

    So. Z1 makes a strange high pitched short sound which comes from upper part of phone i think, when:

    Typing on calling keypad (happens only when settings->device->sound on touch is enabled)
    Get a notification (needs vibrate on touch enabled. MOSTLY. Sometimes even happens with that option disabled)
    click home/back/task button (needs vibrate on touch. When i disable that strange sound in this case stops showing)

    Worth mentioning: It happened on stock 4.2.2 and is still happening on 4.4.2. Update didnt helped.
    Factory wipe didnt helped.
    I do still have default notofication sound chosen. So the sound i write here is not related to choosing diff. in settings.
    Lowering all possible volume levels to zero strangely also doesnt makes that strange sound go away. It still happens despite of the fact that phone should be absolute silent.
    And last but not least when that sound happens, MOST of the times a vibration that should be in place of that sound is not present. Just doesnt happen. Rarely it happens that there is that strange sound and a vibration but its really rare. So most of the times it looks like vibration that should happen transforms itself into that strange sound.

    I have read on some forum that this may be a known issue for some z1 phones, rather hardware one, related to buzzer itself. Is that true ?? Can i repair it under warranty ?? Anyone heard about that ?? Any info appreciated

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It's not something I've ever heard of being an issue with the Z1, sorry.

    It certainly sounds hardware related though.

    Open the dialer, hit *#*#7378423#*#*, then select Service Tests -> Vibrator. Does it make the noise then? I'm guessing yes?

    Where did you get it, bought outright or via your network?
  3. Mleko87

    Mleko87 Member

    Funny thing cause it vibrates normally. I checked that few times since I bought this phone and its always ok on testing.
    Yet I discovered today that when I set up an alarm with vibrations that sound persists despite of unchecked earlier mentioned checkboxes in sound settings. I can try to record that if it may help. When alarm goes of vibrations are made in certain cycle. Some vibes are normal and some are replaced by that sound. And one more thing. I am sure that the sound is actually played by something. It is not for example a noise that could be made by loosened buzzer motor or something like that. Like I said I can try to record that sound or whole alarm event so you have comparison.

    Well I bought in some phone reseller shop at Internet. It is a new one. Was properly boxed, still covered with that funny stock Sony protectors with images on how to open back and insert sim on back one. All accessories also were normally packed. No meddling with box detected.

    But it is a carrier phone. It has bloatware from different carrier then I am using. I suppose that they just buy phones in bulks so they can sell one cheaper than I can normally buy only one.

    Sorry for my english. I can clarify anything, just point what.
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Very strange!

    If you could record it, that would be good. :)
  5. Mleko87

    Mleko87 Member

    Well, I will try to get a decent quality recording around evening when I get back home from work. But don't expect HD please. I will try phone itself, laptop and creative zen and pick best. I hope it will be sufficient. Don't have any other recording devices. Expect reply about 10 to 12 hours from now in worst case. Thanks for helping.
  6. Mleko87

    Mleko87 Member

    Sorry, saturday night and such, you know ;P

    I did not know where to put it, if u dont like that link i can reupload somewhere else.
    This ^^ is an alarm with stock "Xperia" sound. High pitched repetitive something heard in cycles here is that sound we are talking about.
    This ^^ is an alarm without any sound (only vibrations).

    I hope you can hear that.I checked it out and i hear it but i know what to look for.
    If u cant i will try to make another rec, using other, maybe borrowed device.
  7. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I can't get either of those to download, sorry. :(
  8. Mleko87

    Mleko87 Member

    Lol. Tell me where to upload this. Yt? Anywhere. Tell me.

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